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What ISYY: Clubs

#whatISYY series continues with Student Unions clubs!

Numerous Student Union clubs operate on both campuses offering various free time activities to students. Have you, for example, heard of ESN Joensuu or ESN KISA arranging international activities for both international as well as domestic students on our campuses? Would you like to get into acting and the world of theatre with the help of student theatres “Ylioppilasteatteri Kansankynttilä” or “Kuopion ylioppilasteatteri – KYT”?

The purpose of ISYY’s clubs and their activities is to offer students the opportunity to arrange low-level free time activities to get to know each other, find new hobbies and alternate ways of spending their free time. Clubs operate under ISYY and ISYY gives out annual grants to secure their activities. ISYY also offers support for club actives by organizing an annual club training session.  All ISYY members have the right to participate in a club’s activities and events.

Any member of the Student Union can also set up a club if there isn’t a similar club already on campus. If you’re interested in setting up a new club you can read more about it on ISYY’s web pages or drop by at our offices and ask more!

Clubs on campuses
The Club Regulations