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ISYY offers help to those affected by the fire in the Joensuun Elli apartment building fire

An apartment building owned by the student housing company Joensuun Elli in Peltokatu 11, Joensuu, caught fire on Sunday 15.5. The fire resulted in the evacuation of the whole building. Among those evacuated were ISYY students. The fire destroyed the attic of the building and at least three apartments. No one was hurt in the fire.

ISYY offers immediate help to the victims of the fire as well as those university students who feel they need help with coping with the crisis. Students who lost belongings in the fire can get a Survival Package starter kit for free from the ISYY office. The package includes basics such as sheets, cutlery and kitchenware. In addition ISYY will hand out SIM cards to those in need.

With questions related to insurance students can contact Jukka Ruokanen, the Secretary for Interest Advocacy (050 535 3376, soko@isyy.fi). Joensuun Elli will contact all students who lost their apartment in the fire as soon as possible and offer temporary housing. If you do not hear from Joensuun Elli today we encourage you to contact them yourself. In addition Jarno Pitko, the Secretary for Student Tutoring will help with matters related housing  (044 576 8415, tuutorointisihteeri@isyy.fi).

FHSH offers their crisis help effective immediately. University students should contact Arja Makkonen (046 8769158) to schedule a crisis meeting. Later on help will be available Monday to Thursday 8-3 and Fridays 8-2. ISYY encourages all victims of the fire and everyone shaken by it to take advantage of the crisis help offered.

All ISYY staff, especially the Secretary for Interest Advocay, as well as the Joensuu campus pastor Tiina Belov (tiina.belov@uef.fi, puh. 050 5906 527) and the Head of Student Services, Erja Widgrén-Sallinen (050 3556004, erja.-widgren-sallinen@uef.fi) are at the students’ disposal.

ISYY will inform its members when the situation evolves and more information becomes available. We ask all our members to spread the word so that we can make sure we reach all those affected by the fire. ISYY offers its deepest condolences to all victims of the fire and will do all it can to ensure its members are able to rebuild their lives as quickly and smoothly as possible.

More information:
Juho Ikonen
Chairperson of Joensuu Campus Board
tel. + 358 44 576 8400

Anna-Kristiina Mikkonen
Secretary General
tel. +358 44 576 8417