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ISYY Representative Council elections take place this fall

The elections for the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) Representative Council will be held this fall on all campuses. Advance voting takes place on 30.10.–3.11.2017 and the actual voting day is 8.11.2017.

Elected people form the highest decision-making organ in the Student Union which serves the members and acts as a link and supervisor of their interests. The Council of Representatives has 39 members. The Council’s term is for two years and the Council is led by presiding officers. Council members have a great opportunity to influence student matters and also national student politics and its alignments. Working as a member of the Council also offers a chance to meet new people and build networks inside and outside the student movement. If you are interested in supervising your own rights as a student, become a candidate yourself or vote for the candidate who best represents the matters important to you!

You will find more information on the Elections site:

– Info for candidates and voters
– Election announcement and elections documents
– Elections calendar

Check out the ISYY:n edustajistovaalit 2017 event on Facebook (info also in English).

More info:

Representative Council elections 2017 Election Announcement (pdf)