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ISYY Representative Council’s decisions on the plan of action and financial statement

The Representative Council for the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) decided in its meeting 6/2015 (4.12.2015) ISYY’s plan of action and financial statement for the year 2016.

The Representative council decided that next year’s plan of action will include six projects. The goal of one of the projects is, amongst other things, to develop the Student Union’s newspaper Uljas so that it can be turned to online only publication by the fall of the year 2017. ISYY also wants to clarify the concept of SYKETTÄ sports services and generally increase the student’s welfare. Furthermore, ISYY will invest in the municipality election which will be arranged in 2017.

It is also stated in the plan of action that ISYY will pay attention to developing international studying culture. Added to this, ISYY also wants to concentrate on developing academic learning environments and the operation of the student representatives in university administration. ISYY will also look into acquiring student apartments.

According to the next year’s budget, ISYY will invest in engaging international students in the Student Unions decision making by investing in the interpretation. ISYY will also employ two university trainees next year.

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