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Joensuu Campus Library renovation is in schedule and the roof renovation in Kuopio campus continues

Renovating the Joensuu Campus Library is well on schedule, and the renewed library facilities will be opened for customers on Monday 21st August, 2017 at 9 am. Books can be returned normally through the Joensuu Campus Library’s return hatches, via post services and to other campus libraries. Shelf fetching requests cannot be placed on the books in Joensuu Campus Library between 20th June and 18th August, 2017.

At the Kuopio campus, the Snellmania building’s roof renovation continues. A new roof is under construction: pitching, dismantling and paintwork. Indoor works continue in the library’s group work rooms, the library hall, Snellmania building’s main hall and the restaurant. Among other things, the round skylights are removed and there is some plumbing and electricity work to do. There will still be some noise disturbances.

In the KUH Medical Library, the renovations above the library will cause occasional noise disturbances in the library facilities in July and August.

During August, the campus libraries and the KUH Medical Library follow summer opening hours, and starting from the 1st September the normal opening hours will be assumed.