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Organization grant application for the year 2016

The Student Union of University of Eastern Finland’s Executive Board announce that grants for the year 2016 can be applied. (Decision is made in Executive Board’s meeting on 23.10.2015.) The organization grants are divided into general and project grants.

General grants for the year 2016

General grants can be applied for by student organisations and campus organisations. General grants are meant to be used to support and maintain activities while using other means to raise funds. The Executive Board of the Student Union will decide upon the distribution of the grants in January, and they will be distributed in February. The application should come attached with the organisation’s financial statement from the previous year, approved by the organisation, as well as a budget for the current year, unless they have already been delivered to the Student Union.

Applications must be submitted a grant application form at the Student Union office no later than 20.11.2015 at 12.00. The application must be accompanied by an financial statements of the previous yea approverd by association’s general meeting and the current year’s budget, if they have not previously been submitted for the student union. Late applications will not be processed.

The Student Union Board of Directors decides the allocation of grants during December. General contributions will be paid in February.

Applications for general grants can be found on Documents page in Finnish.

Project grants for projects organised in the spring semester 2016

Project grants are intended for all organisations and clubs of ISYY to support projects financially alongside your own funding and possible external funding. Aid can be granted only for those organisations where at least half of the members are members of the Student Union.

The grant is meant for a publication of your organisation, for renting Student Union’s conference room and sauna facilities or organising an event.

Projects promoting internationality and communality as well as projects developing working life skills are emphasized when choosing the beneficiaries. The Student Union favors projects, which are environmentally friendly, open for everyone and encourage multidisciplinarity. If food or drink is served, we require favoring Fair Trade products. When the Student Union is distributing the money the priority order will be student organisations, clubs and lastly other campus organisations.

Grant application forms can be found on Documents page in Finnish.

Free-form applications for  spring semester 2016 projects have to be at student union’s office latest at 20.11.2015 at 12.00 with project plan attached. After getting the grant organization is obligated to send a raport about the event to the student union. Grant has to be used latest 31.5.2016. The Student Union Executive Board decides the allocation of grants during December.

Guidelines for the project plan, can be found here in Finnish.

For more information:
The Secretary-General Anna-Kristiina Mikkonen, paasihteeri@isyy.fi, 044 576 8417
ISYY: Grant Application