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Smile and complaints week coming again with Culture week!

ISYY is having feedback week called Smile and complaints week on 23rd to 27th of March. During the week you can give your feedback e.g. to ISYY, UEF, Amica, FSHS, etc. Take a Post-it note and write down your feedback. The feedback stands will be located at the campuses from Monday to Friday. ISYY will analyze the feedback and send it forward. Tell us what makes you happy, angry or confused!

You can also give feedback via an electronic form.

ISYY volunteers will be present on Tuesday at 10 am to 2 pm in Carelia (Joensuu), Snellmania (Kuopio) and 2nd floor sofas in Savonlinna.

Culture week events:

There are cultural organizations present on Tuesday 24th and on Wednesday 25th March from 10 am to 2 pm on every campus. At Carelia, Snellmania and Savonlinna campus building there will be presentations of theatre, dance and music. Welcome!