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Submit a nominee for the Teacher of the Year award!

The summer is almost here, and soon the cold winter will be long-forgotten. So, while you still have some recollection of the past year, why not jog your memory and see if anyone in particular comes to mind. Someone who helped you see things from a new perspective, someone who sparked your interest in learning something new. If that someone is a teacher, this is a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge teachers and show appreciation for their efforts.

Rectors of the University of Eastern Finland annually award outstanding teachers who have distinguished themselves in their work. The award for the Teacher of the Year is given to one teacher in Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna during the opening ceremony of the academic year. The Student Union (ISYY) selects the nominees for the award.

The Student Union (ISYY) is calling for nominations for the Teacher of the Year award. Any member of the Student Union, i.e. any natural person or a community such as a student organisation, may present a nominee. You can submit your nomination online by filling out the form (http://goo.gl/forms/OGf9l7uutp). Deadline for nominations is 8 May.

A teacher of the year is someone who:

– Is determined to develop one’s pedagogical skills
– Uses a range of teaching methods and learning environments
– Is dedicated to students
– Provides high quality education
– Is approachable and supporting
– Collects feedback from students and responds to it

For further information:

Secretary for Advocary Jukka Ruokanen (Joensuu-Savonlinna) soko@isyy.fi, 050 535 3376
Secretary for Advocacy Piia Tiainen (Kuopio) koso@isyy.fi, 044 576 8414