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Sports Equipment Loans

At the Joensuu and Kuopio office, there is a selection of sports equipment for both outdoor and indoor sports that can be borrowed free of charge by our members. The sports equipment can be borrowed for one week at a time.

Sports Equipment Availabe in Joensuu

  • Badminton equipment: rackets (9 items), shuttlecocks
  • Balls: footballs (10 items), volleyballs (3 items), ”Sportball” rubber band balls (2 items), soft balls (6 items)
  • Boule
  • Coasters (8 items)
  • Darts equipment: Dartboard, Finnish “tikkataulu” dartboard, darts (12 items)
  • Floorball equipment: sticks (4 items), balls (20 items)
  • Floorball goalie equipment: helmet (2 items, also separate helmet paddings available), top (M, L and XL sizes), pants (M and L sizes), knee pads (3 pairs), jock (1 items for women and 1 item for men), gloves
  • Frisbees: big frisbees (4 items), middle-sized frisbees (11 items), little frisbee
  • Hula hoop
  • Ice fishing augers (2 items)
  • Ice hockey equipment: sticks (13 items), hockeys (7 items), helmet, goals (4 items)
  • Ice hockey goalie equipment: helmet, mitts (2 items), elbow pads, upper body armour (hard and soft), leg pads (hard and soft), jock
  • Ice skates
  • Megaphone
  • Mini skis (2 pairs)
  • Mölkky: traditional Mölkky (8 games), TupaMölkky, little Mölkky
  • Outdoor Alias game
  • Pesäpallo equipment: mitts (5 for left hand, 2 for right hand), balls (15 items), bats (4 items), helmets (2 items), passing platform
  • Pétanque (3 games)
  • Skis and ski boots
  • Sleds and “liukuri” coasters: basic sleds (8 items), shaped sleds (3 items), sled mattresses (6 items), “liukuri” coasters (9 items)
  • Tennis equipment: rackets (3 items), balls (8 items), rubber balls (3 items), Timers (3 items)
  • Vests (29 items)
  • Whistles: middle-sized whistles (4 items), big whistle

Sports Equipment Availabe in Kuopio

Will be announced in August.