Lukema Reservation

With the form below, you can book Lukema for your own use or for example for a student association. Below you will find Lukema's instructions for use, which also includes Lukema's price list in its entirety., (opens in a new tab): Instructions for the Users of Lukema


Separate cleaning ordered in advance costs €110 and is performed by ISS. Despite the pre-arranged cleaning, the trash must be taken out, the tables wiped, the chairs put on the tables, the dishes washed and the furniture moved back to original locations.

Lukema Reservations Calendar

You can see the booking status of Lukema in the calendar below. NOTE! only paid bookings are shown in the calendar, i.e. club bookings, for example, are not shown in the public calendar. Free reservations do not affect availability if the date is more than two weeks away.

Google calendar: Lukema's reservations calendar

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