As a member of ISYY you are entitled to use the services provided by us and some services provided by our affiliates. Some of ISYY’s services are included in the membership fee and some are accessed with an additional fee. You may use all of our services and are welcome to all of our events, no matter what your ‘home campus’ is.

The student card and term stickers are some of the most fundamental services provided by us. A valid student card gives you access to noticeable discounts in student canteens, public transport, restaurants, bars and shops all across Finland, as well as online. Remember to ask for a student discount wherever you go!

ISYY Membership Services

Below you will find a list of some of the services provided by us and our affiliates. You are able to access these services once you have registered as present at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), and you have paid the Student Union (ISYY) membership fee. More information about our services can be found on the ISYY website.

Student Card and the Term Sticker

As a member of ISYY, you are entitled to have a student card, which is regarded as a valid certification of being a student. There are two types of student cards: a plastic and a digital one. The plastic student card is valid only when it has a term sticker attached to it. The stickers are available at the Student Union (ISYY) office.

You may also use the digital student card (called Frank App) in order to demonstrate your student status. Both plastic and digital student cards are ordered via Frank.


The ISYY offices in Joensuu and Kuopio are ready to serve you four days a week throughout the term time. The staff working at the offices can give you help and advice in anything and everything related to student life.

You can call, send an e-email or pop into the office - staff is there for you!

Events and Theme Weeks

ISYY organises a great deal of events, theme weeks and theme days with the aim of supporting student well-being. You will find the upcoming events in the Events Calendar and in the 'What’s On' section of the website.

More information about our regular events can be found on the website.

SYKETTÄ Sports Services

SYKETTÄ provide students and staff of UEF with varied and inexpensive sports services in both Joensuu and Kuopio. If you want to use the SYKETTÄ services, you need to purchase the SYKETTÄ sticker. It is available at ISYY offices or on the SYKETTÄ webstore.

Sports Equipment Loans  

At the Joensuu and Kuopio offices we have a selection of sports equipment for both outdoor and indoor sports that can be borrowed free of charge by our members. The list of available equipment can be found on the website under ‘Recreation’ > Sports Equipment Loans.

Interest Advocacy

Interest advocacy is one of the most essential tasks of the Student Union and an important service to students. Student advocacy is part and parcel of everything we do. All of our members are invited to help us in the task of making student life better in every way we can.

Anti-Harassment Contact Persons

The Anti-Harassment Contact Persons of the Student Union are there to help you, should you encounter inappropriate behaviour, such as racism, discrimination or any other type of harassment during your studies.

Communication Services, such as the Weekly Feed

ISYY uses an array of different communication channels to keep you in the loop about everything that is important to you as a student and member of the University community. We unreservedly recommend that you follow ISYY communications - it is your gateway to useful information about the services that are available to you.

International Services

ISYY employs two Coordinators of International Affairs and the international perspective is taken into account in everything we do. The international services are closely linked with international mobility. We work hard to provide international members with excellent services - ISYY is like your home from home while you are in Finland. ISYY international services consist of:

  • International students’ interest advocacy  
  • Organising international events
  • Cooperation with the International Mobility Services of UEF  
  • Providing Survival Packages for international students
  • English language communications
  • Assisting Finnish students in matters related to international affairs, such as studying abroad and internationalisation at home

Services to Associations, Including General Grants and Project Grants

Student associations and campus associations are independent associations that may apply for general grants or project grants awarded by ISYY. Associations are also entitled to hire venues owned by ISYY.

ISYY Clubs

ISYY Clubs are non-profit communities that operate under the Student Union (ISYY). Every member of ISYY may establish their own club, and is welcome to attend any activities and events organised by other ISYY Clubs.

The Opportunity to Participate in Decision-Making

As a member of ISYY you are entitled to apply to become a Student Representative in the UEF administration. Student Representatives are called Hallopeds in Finnish. You can also participate in decision-making by applying to become a member of ISYY Executive Board or one of the ISYY Teams. All Student Union members may also run for and vote in the Representative Council Elections.

Paying the FSHS fee to KELA (degree students only)

The Executive Board of ISYY decided in its 17-2023 meeting that degree students who come from outside the EU and have to pay the Finnish Student Health Service's (FSHS) healthcare fee to Kela have the option to pay the fee at the Student Union office if the student’s bank transaction fee is higher than 30 % of the payment. ISYY will forward the payment to Kela on behalf of the student. However, ISYY charges a 8 € handling fee if a student pays the healthcare fee at the ISYY office. The student must make the payment at the ISYY office two weeks prior to Kela's deadline for the healthcare fee.

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