International Services

UEF is a globally-minded university with hundreds of international students studying in Joensuu and Kuopio each year. ISYY offers member services to international degree programme students, postgraduate students and exchange students. Students in international Master’s degree programmes are required to join ISYY by law. On the other hand, joining ISYY is optional for international postgraduate students and exchange students. Our international members are provided with excellent services and the international perspective is taken into account in everything we do.

ISYY employs two Coordinators of International Affairs, one in Joensuu and one in Kuopio, who are in charge of providing and improving services aimed at international students studying at UEF.   In addition to this, two members of the Executive Board are responsible for international affairs and make sure that international students are never forgotten about in decision-making at the University, or anywhere else.

The International Services Provided by ISYY

Our international services are closely linked with international mobility. Our international members are provided with excellent services - ISYY is like your home from home while you are in Finland. The international services of ISYY consist of:

  • International students’ interest advocacy  
  • Organising international events
  • Cooperation with the International Mobility Services of UEF  
  • Providing exchange students with survival packages
  • English language communications
  • Assisting Finnish students in matters related to international affairs, such as studying abroad and internationalisation at home

You will find useful information targeted at new international students about the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) from the "International students" page., opens in a new tab: International Students 

International Student Tutoring

UEF International Mobility Services provide student tutoring to new international students both in Joensuu and Kuopio. Read more about the tutoring services in the Student handbook Kamu.

Student Handbook Kamu: International student tutoring