Executive Board

The ISYY Executive Board is elected annually by the Representative Council. The Board’s term of office runs from January to December. The Executive Board consists of a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson and at most eight members. The Chairpersons and members are students who are elected by the Representative Council. According to ISYY Rules, the Executive Board Chair and Vice Chair must represent both campuses.

The role of the Executive Board is to work in the field of student advocacy both on a local and national level. Each member of the Executive Board has a specific area of responsibility in order to guarantee that every student, despite their background or interests, gets their voice heard in decision-making processes at ISYY, UEF and elsewhere in Finland. The Executive Board members work closely with each other and travel regularly between the campuses. In addition, the Executive Board cooperates with other Finnish student unions.

Responsibilities of the Executive Board

Responsibilities of the ISYY Executive Board include:

  • Holding meetings regularly
  • Preparing and implementing decisions made by the Representative Council
  • Issuing statements and comments on student affairs
  • Organising theme weeks and theme days and meeting students during these
  • Actively informing ISYY members about the activities of the Executive Board via different communication channels
  • Deciding twice a year how organisation grants are awarded
  • Working with the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) and other student unions to help the national student movement thrive
  • Sharing reports about its activities with the Representative Council and other ISYY members

In addition, the Executive Board also holds meetings with decision-making bodies of the University and the local municipalities, and represents ISYY at different events. The objective is to make sure that the voice of students is being heard and that ISYY will be included in decision-making processes at both the local and national level.

Each member of the Executive Board also has a specific area of responsibility and tasks related to it.

Follow the Executive Board

The Executive Board on Twitter

The Executive Board Twitter username is @ISYYH. The Executive Board tweets about what is on the front burner in the ISYY offices, meetings and events. Follow the tweets to keep up-to-date.

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