Anti-Harassment Contact Persons

According to the Universities Act, every student is entitled to a safe study environment.

ISYY is committed to making sure that the University of Eastern Finland is a safe learning and study environment for all students. The University must be accessible for everyone, and no-one should experience discrimination of any sort.

The aim of accessibility is to guarantee equal opportunities for every student. Accessibility refers to the state of the physical, psychological and social environment, where everyone has an equal opportunity to work and operate with others. The University should organise its learning and study environments in such a way that the diversity of learners and students with different disabilities are taken into consideration.

Anti-Harassment Contact Persons offer help and support to students who have encountered harassment or inappropriate behaviour at the University. The harassment contact person can offer discussion help, advice and act as a support person in situations perceived as oppressive. The harassment contact person can organize a mediation if the parties so wish, or help in filing a potential criminal complaint. However, the harassment contact person is not a judge, authority or feedback broker. The harassment contact person does not decide whether the treatment experienced by the person is harassment or bullying, but it is determined by legislation. The harassment contact person does not decide on punishments or impose them. Please contact them in case you encounter bullying, discrimination, racism, sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior during your studies. Anti-Harassment Contact Persons operate in both Kuopio and Joensuu.

All the information you share is handled with complete confidentiality.

Anti-Harassment Contact Persons

Pekka Koivaara, Specialist for Interest Advocacy (Joensuu), tel. +358 (0) 44 576 8465, soko(at)

Mikko Aaltonen, Specialist in Academic and Social Affairs (Kuopio), tel. +358 (0) 44 576 8414, koso(at)