Student Representatives Contact Information

You will find the contact information of those student representatives in university administration who have given the Student Union permission to publish their contact information.

Board of UEF

Member: Aleksi Kinnunen, alekin(at)student.uef.fi
Member: Miska Tanskanen, miskat(at)student.uef.fi

University Collegiate Body

Member: Pavel V Kiprianov, pavekipr(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Antton Gustafsson, agustafs(at)student.uef.fi

Member: Marko Koskelo, koskelo2(at)gmail.com
Vice member: Veera Nurmela, vnurmela(at)student.uef.fi

Member: Lassi Oikkonen, lassioik(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Eveliina Scharin evelsch(at)student.uef.fi

Member: Maiju Isopahkala
Vice member: Jenni Kortelainen, jenni.kortelainen(at)uef.fi

Member: Miika Hiltunen, miikahil(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Emma Saarela, emmasaar(at)student.uef

Member: Samuli Lipponen, samull(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Mariam Kukkohovi, mariamkukkohovi(at)outlook.com

Member: Siobhan Rose, srose(at)student.uef.fi 
Vice member: Marko Piipponen, marko.piipponen(at)uef.fi

Member: Niina-Hannele Nuutinen, nnuutine(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Tanja Rissanen

Faculty Council of Faculty of Science and Forestry

Member: Jenni Kortelainen, jenni.kortelainen(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Ville S M Miettinen, ville.miettinen(at)uef.fi

Member: Pavel V Kiprianov, pavekipr(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Juha-Matti Ovaskainen, juhamao(at)student.uef.fi
Member: Teppo Pitkänen
Vice member: Busurat Mudashiru

Member: Silja Partanen, sipartan(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Kaisa Rautiainen

Faculty Council of Faculty of Health Sciences

Member: Arttu Leppäkynnäs, arttu.leppakynnas(at)gmail.com 
Vice member: Veera Nurmela, vnurmela(at)student.uef.fi

Member: Ossi Tupala, otupala(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Hande Özdemir, hozdemir(at)student.uef.fi

Member: Theresa Owusu-Serchire, theowusu(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Tarmo Ritajoki

Member: Samuli Lipponen
Vice Member: Veera Pajunen

Member: Lassi Karppi, lassikar(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Perttu Saarinen, perttusa(at)student.uef.fi

Faculty Council of Philosophical Faculty

Member: Tanja Rissanen
Vice member: Sarah Duncan

Member: Eveliina Scharin, evelsch(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Marko Koskelo, koskelo2(at)gmail.com

Member: Taneli Koirikivi, tanelko(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Tarja Vainio

Member: Niina-Hannele Nuutinen, nnuutine(at)student.uef.fi 
Vice member: Jannat Ara Rahman

Member: Mariam Kukkohovi, mariamkukkohovi(at)outlook.com
Vice member: Janina Baljashkin, janina.baljashkin(at)gmail.com

Faculty Council of Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

Member: Miika Hiltunen, miikahil(at)student.uef.f
Vice member: Mikko Hietala

Member: Pinja Lassila, panjalas(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Emilia Ihanus, emihanus(at)student.uef.fi

Member: Lassi Oikkonen lassioik(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Marko Piipponen, marko.piipponen(at)uef.fi

Member: Emma Saarela, emmasaar(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Emilia Ilvonen, emiliail(at)student.uef.fi

Member: Antton Gustafsson, agustafs(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Anna Brentnall

FSHS Council

Member: Hannamari Vilhunen, hkainula(at)student.uef.fi  

FSHS Eastern Region Board ISYY member

Member: Hannamari Vilhunen, hkainula(at)student.uef.fi

Board of Petition Appeal

Appeal Board is University’s own inner “court” which takes care of University’s internal appeals regarding student admissions and evaluating theses or academic credits.

Member: Lassi Oikkonen, lassioik(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Janina Baljashkin, janina.baljashkin(at)gmail.com

Member:  Marko Koskelo, koskelo2(at)gmail.com
Vice member: Pauliina Ryökäs, pauliina.ryokas(at)uef.fi

Equal Opportunities Committee

Member: Ville-Pekka Timonen, veepee.timonen(at)gmail.com
Vice member: Martta Sivonen

Member: Sami Tanskanen, samitan(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Roosa Ikimeri