Student Representatives Contact Information

You will find the contact information of those student representatives in university administration who have given the Student Union permission to publish their contact information.

Board of UEF

Member: Eetu Hyvönen, ehyvonen(at)uef.fi
Member: Marko Koskelo, markokos(at)student.uef.fi

University Collegiate Body

Member: Miika Hiltunen, miikahil(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Lidia Backlund

Member: Jyri Hyvättinen, jyrihyva(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Abdul Wahab

Member: Niina-Hannele Nuutinen, nnuutine(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Hanna Valtonen, hannvalt(at)uef.fi

Member: Mikko Miettinen, mikkmi(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Ilmari Mäkelä, ilmakela(at)uef.fi

Member: Lassi Oikkonen, lassioik(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Janina Baljashkin, janina.baljashkin(at)gmail.com 

Member: Noman Kazi, nkazi(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Leevi Haavisto, lehaavis(at)student.uef.fi

Member: Noora Saramäki, saramakn(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Adetayo Adetuyi, aadetuyi(at)student.uef.fi

Member: Miro Helminen, miroh(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Onni Riikkilä

Faculty Council of Faculty of Science and Forestry

Member: Kati Merruntaus, katimer(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Tiina Ahtonena, tiina(at)student.uef.fi

Member: Teemu Palkovuori, teemupal(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Teemu Törö, tetoro(at)student.uef.fi
Member: Silja Partanen, sipartan(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Mikko Miettinen, mikkmi(at)student.uef.fi

Member: Simona Jankova, simjankova58(at)gmail.com
Vice member: Kaisa Rautiainen

Member: Tomi Helvelahti, thelvela(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Li Sheng

Faculty Council of Faculty of Health Sciences

Member: Mira Suurnäkki-Piispa, mirpiisp(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Onni Riikkilä

Member: Inikpi Omale
Vice member: 

Member: Amina Tariq, aminatariq483(at)gmail.com
Vice member: 

Member: Janina Gunnar 
Vice member: Ella Ikonen

Member: Teemu Zacheus 
Vice member: Anne Lehtonen

Faculty Council of Philosophical Faculty

Member: Tanja Rissanen, rissanen(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Yoshitha Vidanamage

Member: Tuuli Uutela, tuuliuut(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Janina Baljashkin, janina.baljashkin(at)gmail.com

Member: Noora Saramäki, saramakn(at)uef.fi
Vice member: 

Member: Niina-Hannele Nuutinen, nnuutine(at)uef.fi
Vice member: 

Member: Lidia Backlund 
Vice member: 

Faculty Council of Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

Member: Miika Hiltunen miikahil(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Arttu Ruhanen, artturuh(at)uef.fi

Member: Janne Kortelainen jankorte(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Miro Helminen, miroh(at)uef.fi

Member: Leevi Haavisto lehaavis(at)student.uef.fi
Vice member: Adetayo Adetuyi, aadetuyi(at)student.uef.fi

Member: Lassi Oikkonen lassioik(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Ilmari Mäkelä, ilmakela(at)uef.fi

Member: Eetu Jansson, eetujan(at)uef.fi
Vice member: Hanna Valtonen, hannvalt(at)uef.fi

FSHS Council

Member: Hannamari Vilhunen

FSHS Eastern Region Board ISYY member

Member: Hannamari Vilhunen

Board of Petition Appeal

Appeal Board is University’s own inner “court” which takes care of University’s internal appeals regarding student admissions and evaluating theses or academic credits.

Member: Antton Gustafsson
Vice member: Noora Alvinen

Member: Janina Baljashkin, janina.baljashkin(at)gmail.com
Vice member: Ella Ikonen

Equal Opportunities Committee

Member: Antton Gustafsson
Vice member: Fariza Memon

Member: Terhi Marttila
Vice member: Ruska Itkonen