The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) is an organisation that provides various services to students. ISYY operates on both campuses of the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) - Joensuu and Kuopio.

All Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students at UEF are members of ISYY. At present, there are approximately 14,000 members. Student union membership is mandated by the Finnish law.

ISYY’s Objectives

The objectives of the student unions are outlined in the Universities Act. One of ISYY’s key objectives is to unite its members and, in addition, ISYY endeavors to improve students’ standing in the society and provide high-quality services to its members.

ISYY is part of the Finnish student union network and a member of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL).

To implement its objectives, ISYY is divided into three Sections:

  • The Section for Advocacy promotes the interests of students at the University, in the campus cities and in the society in general.
  • The Section for Recreation is responsible for international affairs, sports, culture, environmental affairs and development aid.
  • The Section for Student Organisations offers ISYY members a chance to contribute to the student community.

ISYY’s Values

ISYY’s key principles are:

  • Trust
  • Dialogue
  • Community
  • Equality

The Purpose of the Membership Fee

Student Union membership is mandated by the Universities Act. If a student is completing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at the University, they are automatically members of the Student Union. Members can either pay the Student Union membership fee for the entire academic year or a single semester.

The Student Union Representative Council determines the level of the membership fee. The Representative Council consists of, and is elected by, students. All Student Union members may run for and vote in the elections, participate in decision-making processes and influence the level of the membership fee.

The collection of membership fees allows the Student Union to offer various services to its members. Student advocacy is the most comprehensive of these services, as it encompasses the entire organisation and all its operations. The purpose of student advocacy is to promote the interests of students at the University, in the campus cities and in the society in general. Student advocacy is a continuous process of influencing and negotiating with decision-making bodies.

The Student Union Is There for You

The Student Union is YOUR union. It is there for you and works hard to look after your rights and interests. Together we are stronger! As an organisation ISYY has long-standing traditions in the field of student advocacy. The Student Union is the expert in student life that both the local and national authorities listen to.

Due to its stable position, the Student Union has the means to provide its members with high-quality services that help to make your time at University run smoothly.

In addition to the services provided by the Student Union, as a member of ISYY you are able to access national and local student benefits. These include discounts on public transport and many shops and restaurants.  Student Union members are also entitled to eat student priced meals at the canteens that are dotted around the campuses. You can always turn to the Student Union if you have any questions or concerns related to your studies, it is there for you!

Services Provided by ISYY

Among the services ISYY offers for its members are specialist consultation, sports and recreation services as well as means to influence the way things are run at the University. For associations, we offer counselling, training and the opportunity to apply for grants.

ISYY’s primary services are:

  • Student advocacy
  • The student card and the term stickers
  • Opportunities to apply to become a Student Representative in UEF Administration (Halloped in Finnish), Executive Board member or Representative Council member, and opportunity to operate in ISYY's teams
  • Events and theme weeks
  • Club activities open to all members
  • Inexpensive SYKETTÄ Sports Services
  • International services
  • Services of the Anti-Harassment Contact Persons
  • Communication services, for example the Weekly Feed newsletters
  • Counselling and support: you can ask for advice regarding your studies and student life. If we cannot help you, we will direct you to someone who can.
  • Services for associations, for example grants and training
  • Event facilities that student associations and ISYY members can rent at affordable prices
  • Student calendar
  • Opportunity to borrow sports equipment and board games.
  • Book exchange shelf

You can read more about the services provided by ISYY on the Services page.

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