Representative Council Contact Information

On this page you will find the contact details for the Representative Council Chairpersons, the Chairpersons of the Representative Council Groups and the Representative Council Committees.

Representative Council Chairpersons (2022)

Emilia Honkanen



puh. +358 44 576 8406


Hey, I am Emilia Honkanen 25 years old Business student studying at Kuopio campus. I have been an active member in student organization activities through my studies and past few years in ISYY as well. This year, I received the honour to act as the Chairperson of our Student Union.

Major responsibilities include leading the Representative Council's operations and chairing the meetings. For me, the open and encouraging conversation atmosphere is important.

Wilma Poutanen

First Vice Chair



Hello everyone! I'm Wilma Poutanen an Environmental Law Master's student from Joensuu. This year, I'm honored to be the First Vice Chair of the Representative Council. This is my second term in the Representative Council and I've also been the Chairperson of the Environment Committee of ISYY.

As the First Vice Chair of the Representative Council, my aim is to contribute on the openness and sense of community of the Representative Council. I want to make sure that every Representative Council member's voice is heard and everyone is encouraged to express their opinions.

Roosa Ikimeri

Second Vice Chair



Hi! I’m Roosa Ikimeri and I study Welfare Law at Joensuu campus. I’ve been at the university for almost five years now and in the Representative Council for already two seasons. This year, I act as the Council’s Second Vice Chairperson.

Equality is especially close to my heart, and I want to promote the Representative Council meeting culture in concrete ways so that it will be safe and comfortable for everyone. 

Representative Council groups and the Chairpersons of the groups

  • DeeKu: Arttu Leppäkynnäs, arttu.leppakynnas(at)gmail.com
  • FaBio: Inka Rantamäki, inkakr(at)uef.fi
  • ISYYn demariopiskelijat: Tino Sarkamies-Uutela, tino.sarkamies-uutela(at)uef.fi
  • Itä-Suomen Vihreä Vasemmisto: Maija Kuivalainen, maijakui(at)uef.fi
  • Keskeiset: Teemu Toivonen, teemu.toivonen(at)hotmail.com
  • Kylterit: Miika Hiltunen, miikahil(at)student.uef.fi
  • Opiskelevat Kokoomuslaiset: Carita Korhonen, tiiako(at)student.uef.fi
  • Opiskelijoiden Etu: Marko Koskelo, koskelo2(at)gmail.com
  • Savilahden Sivistyneet: Riku Kukkonen, riku.kukkonen99(at)gmail.com
  • Vihreät: Matias Pelkonen, matias.pelkonen(at)uef.fi

Representative Council Committees and the Chairpersons of the Committees

Rules Committee: Tomi Saviluoto, Chairperson, saantovaliokunta.pj(at)isyy.fi

Finances Committee: Maria Pulkka, Chairperson, talousvaliokunta.pj(at)isyy.fi

Preparatory Committee: Emilia Honkanen, Chairperson, epj(at)isyy.fi

Intercultural Committee: Juliana Friedrichsen, Chairperson, jfriedri(at)uef.fi