Representative Council Contact Information

On this page you will find the contact details for the Representative Council Chairpersons, the Chairpersons of the Representative Council Groups and the Representative Council Committees.

Representative Council Chairpersons

Julia Lautala



puh. +358 44 576 8404


Hi, I'm Julia Lautala, a special education student at Joensuu campus.

I have been an active member in student organization activities through my studies and last year I was vice chair of the Executive Board of ISYY. This year I am the Chair of the Representative Council. My responsibilities include leading the representative councils operations and chairing the meetings. Feel free to contact me by email or by phone if you don't bump into me on campus.

Eetu Hyvönen

First Vice Chair



I am Eetu Hyvönen, and I will be the Vice Chair of of the Representative Council for the year 2024. 

I’m studying business management, and I have previously worked tightly with student associations, and also in the 2 previous years in ISYY executive board. 

Jimi Viita-aho

Second Vice Chair



Hi! As the Second Vice Chair of ISYY I'm helping with the common tasks at the representative council, as well as making sure that the studen union board continues to function as the representative council desires. Sometimes I get out of my man cave and during those occasions you could spot me most likely at Kuopio campus, most often at the faculty of Computer Science.

I have somewhat long history at various roles in the studen union as well as in the cs subject association. Keeping things short here, so let's have a chat whenever we meet!

Representative Council groups and the Chairpersons of the groups

  • DeeKu: Janina Gunnar
  • FaBio: Nicodemus Virtanen
  • ISYYn demariopiskelijat: Minerva Leinonen
  • Itä-Suomen Vihreä Vasemmisto: Ville-Pekka Timonen
  • Keskeiset: Kristiina Oinonen
  • Kylterit: Eetu Hyvönen
  • Opiskelevat Kokoomuslaiset: Akseli Haverinen
  • Savilahden Sivistyneet: Kaisa Rautiainen
  • Vihreä lista: Lidia Backlund

Representative Council Committees and the Chairpersons of the Committees

Rules Committee: Mikko Miettinen, Chairperson, saantovaliokunta.pj(at)isyy.fi

Finances Committee: Miro Helminen, Chairperson, talousvaliokunta.pj(at)isyy.fi

Preparatory Committee: Juli Lautala, Chairperson, epj(at)isyy.fi