Executive Board Contact Information

Sami Tanskanen

Chair of the Executive Board, Chair of the Joensuu Campus Board



tel. +358 44 576 8400

Howdy! I’m Sami and I am the Chair of the Executive Board of the Student Union ISYY. That is to say, I manage the Board’s activities alongside the Vice Chair. I’m a student of Cultural Research and Adult Education and have previously acted as the Vice Chair of the Executive Board as well as a member of the Representative Council.

If you are interested in ISYY activities or you have any questions, then by all means get in touch! 

Godparent to the following student organisations: Poikkeus ry, Popsi ry, Kassos ry, Nefa ry

Jimi Virkkala

Vice Chair, Chair of the Kuopio Campus Board



tel. +358 44 576 8404

Hello! I am Jimi Virkkala, and I simultaneously act as the Vice Chair of the Executive Board of ISYY and the Chair of Kuopio Campus Board. Back in the day, I arrived at the shores of Savilahti to study Biomedicine. That journey now continues with the first year of my Master’s studies in Molecular Medicine.

My main duty in the Executive Board is to supervise the Board’s activities on the Kuopio campus, while working closely with the Chair and the members of Board and staff alike.

Don’t hesitate to contact me in any matter, be it big or small. Throw me a message, call me, or jerk my sleeve, let’s have a chat and think about it together!

Godparent to the following student organisations: Kulti ry, Fides Ostiensis ry, Joraus ry

Eetu Hyvönen

Business Relations, Clubs and Organisations



tel. +358 40 086 3901

Hello! I’m Eetu Hyvönen, and I am responsible for Business Relations and Clubs and Organisations. I’m a third-year Business student, specialising in Marketing and Management. 

Please contact me anytime regarding business relations, or matters with clubs and organisations!

Godparent to the following student organisations: Preemio ry, Retikka ry, Iskra ry

Laura Kangasoja

Academic Affairs



tel.  +358 45 124 3610

Hello! My name is Laura Kangasoja and I’m studying Environmental Policy in Joensuu. I’m so excited to work in the ISYY Executive Board! In my free time, I love to cook and spend time with my dog and my friends.

In the Board, I’m working with Pauliina on Academic Affairs.

Please contact me if you have any questions or just want to talk!

Godparent to the following student organisations: Tombolo ry, Joensuun Metsäylioppilaat ry, Legio Ostiensis ry, Lingtwisti ry, Pistis ry

Matti Karhunen

Affairs of Social Policy, Environment and Development Cooperation, SILLAT



tel. +358 44 576 8410

Hi! I am Matti Karhunen. I moved from Turku to Kuopio to study Medicine and currently I am studying 6th year. In the ISYY Board my fields are Social Politics, Environment and Developmental Cooperation and SILLAT-project. I dream a lot and my favourite dream is a better tomorrow. The most important matter for me is wellbeing. Wellbeing of people and nature. I applied to the ISYY Board because I wanted to make a positive impact on my community, especially to develop matters concerning wellbeing. I spend my freetime with friends, doing sports or in the nature. At evenings you may see me at iceswimming places of Kuopio. 

Contact me if you have something to ask about environmental matters or student wellbeing! 

Godparent to the following student organisations: KuoLo ry, Dentina ry, Täky ry, Varnitsa ry

Saara Myllynen




tel. +358 44 284 1420

Hey! My name is Saara Myllynen and I am currently a fourth year Business student majoring in International Business and Sales Management. With my two-year experience in Preemio ry’s Board, I couldn’t stop there. My motivation to keep ISYYs communications interesting and coherent and the drive to develop the communications were the main reasons I applied to ISYYs Board. In my free time I relax by working out and spending time with my family and friends.

In Kuopio campus, you can find me lunching in Tietoteknia or having coffee in the bunker of Canthia. Don’t be afraid to ask if you have something on your mind or you want someone to talk to!

Godparent to the following student organisations: Optimi ry, Judica ry, Kotex ry

Kaisa Rautiainen

International Affairs




Hi! I’m Kaisa and I study Computer Science. In the ISYY Executive Board, I am responsible for International Affairs. I have some student association experience from Serveri ry’s Board, where I recently was the international coordinator, so I then got excited to continue on the same topics at ISYY. In addition to this, I also make websites as a freelancer developer whenever there is time and a suitable project can be found. My free time is limited, so I mostly spend it relaxing by playing computer games or by watching series/movies.

Please contact me especially if you have something to ask about International Affairs or even if you just want someone to play pc games with!

Godparent to the following student organisations: Serveri ry, Skripti ry, Echo ry, Godis ry

Pauliina Ryökäs

Academic Affairs



tel. +358 44 576 8409

Hello! My name is Pauliina Ryökäs and I am a Master’s Degree Biomedicine student from Kuopio campus. I have previous experience from the Representative Council of ISYY, student association as well as from a campus organisation. I decided to apply for another year on the ISYY Board because I wanted to represent my fellow students and advocate their interests and matters. I spend my free time especially with crafts and audiobooks, but I always have time for a good board game!

In the ISYY Executive Board I am responsible for Academic Affairs together with Laura. Last year I worked on Social Affairs within the Board and I still wanted to continue working with ISYY’s interest advocacy this year, just from a different perspective. Please be in contact if you have anything in mind concerning academic affairs! I am always open to challenge and broaden my perspectives. 

Godparent to the following student organisations: Hyeena ry, Terho ry, Bunsen ry, Opossumi ry

Sonja Soinne

Recreation, Event Communications



tel.  +358 44 576 8408 

Hello! My name is Sonja Soinne, I study Social Psychology for third year now in Kuopio. I have worked previously as Vice Chair in my own student organization Socius ry. In the ISYY Executive Board, I am responsible for Recreation and Event Communications. In my free-time I like to take it easy and spend time with my friends. Dogs are dear to me!

If you have anything in mind, ideas, or something you’d like to ask, feel free to contact me. If you see me by the campus, come to say hi!

Godparent to the following student organisations: Socius ry, Praxis ry, Fortis ry, Sulo ry

Ville-Pekka Timonen

Affairs of Social Policy



tel. +358 50 436 6257

Hello everyone! My name is VP Timonen, a third year student (chemistry teacher) from Joensuu. One could say that my hobby is organisations. I’m Chair at our student organisation Bunsen ry and I’m a part of local political youth organisations. At ISYY Board, I’m responsible for Social Politics, so basically anything regarding students' interest advocacy.

You can meet me monthly via ISYY coffee breaks, feel free to join and come share your feelings about student life!

Godparent to the following student organisations: Mikrovillus ry, Epsilon ry, Oidipus ry, Sointi ry