Executive Board Contact Information

Eetu Hyvönen

Chair of the Executive Board, Chair of the Kuopio Campus Board



tel. +358 44 576 8400

Hello! I am Eetu Hyvönen, Chair of the Executive Board of ISYY for this year and also the Chair of Kuopio campus. I am currently studying my fourth year in the business school of UEF in Kuopio. My background consists of various student association roles, in my own association Preemio. 

Usually you can find me in Snellmania, Canthia or Lukema. Feel free to chat  if you see me!

Godparent to the following student organisations: Terho ry, Echo ry ja Fides Ostiensis ry

Julia Lautala

Vice Chair, Chair of the Joensuu Campus Board



tel. +358 44 576 8404

Hi, I'm Julia Lautala, and this year I work at the ISYY Executive Board as the Vice Chair and as Joensuu Campus Chair. I study at Joensuu for the fifth year to become a class teacher. Previous four years I have been on the board for our student association Popsi ry, a side of that, I have been on the ISYY Representative Council for one year. In my free time I like to dance and hang out with my friends. Dogs are close to my heart, I even have one at home!

You can find me at Futura or Educa. If you see me, feel free to come talk to me. You can contact me also by messaging or calling, let's talk!

Godparent to the following student organisations: Popsi ry, Sointi ry, Opossumi ry ja Godis ry

Janina Gunnar



tel. +358 44 576 8407


Hello! I'm Janina Gunnar, a second year medical student from Kuopio. This is my first year at the Executive Board at ISYY with my responsibilities being in communications. Before this I have experience from being part of our student council and youth council when I still lived in Hämeenlinna.

During leisure I love spending time with my friends and getting some fresh air especially with my dog. If you see me somewhere feel free to come talk to me!

Godparent for the following student associations: KuoLo ry, Dentina ry ja Poikkeus ry

Kaisa Rautiainen



tel. +358 44 576 8403


Howdy! I'm Kais, a Computer Science student studying my n-th year in Kuopio. Now it is my second year at the Executive Board of ISYY and this time around my responsibilities are in communications. I've been part of e.g. student association activities and other voluntary work. 

On my freetime I mostly just play all kinds of games from card games to computer games and also I'm into many other nerdy activities. I try my best to graduate so you won't see me as often at random events. And anyways I like to study from home but if you see me somewhere feel free to say hi or just to contact me if there's anything you would like to talk about!

Godparent for the following student associations: Skripti ry, Hyeena ry, Retikka ry ja Epsilon ry

Lassi Oikkonen

Academic Affairs, Social Policy and International Affairs


tel. +358 44 576 8409


Hi! My name is Lassi Oikkonen, and I have Social Policy, Educational Policy and International Affairs in my portfolio in the ISYY Executive Board this year. I am a N.th-year history student at our Joensuu Campus. 

I have been involved with ISYY for a number of years before, and I was a member of the Representative Council for three years. In my free time, I usually do some association things, read a lot and also try to complete my master's thesis.

You may find me most probably at Metria and Carelia buildings and in the university library studying but you may also use the contact information to reach me out!

Godparent for the following student associations: Varnitsa ry, Praxis ry, Joensuun Metsäylioppilaat ry ja Bunsen ry

Mirka Nieminen

Social Policy, Working Life, Tutoring


puh. 044 576 8402


Hi! My name is Mirka and I’m studying my fourth year of Social Work at the University of Eastern Finland, and I’m currently doing my master’s degree. I’m from North Karelia, and I studied in high school there, so it’s still close to my heart as an old home. 

This year my tasks as part of the Executive Board of ISYY are around social policies and working life. I have been part of the Representative Council since 2021 and I’m excited to be able to work and learn in the Executive Board. 

You can most often see me in Snellmania either in the library or the café, and I also do sports with Sykettä, when my motivation and use of time meet in appropriate measures. Sometimes, especially during the holidays you can also see me in Joensuu campus library or canteen. Please, feel free to come and say hi or ask any questions if you see me around!

Godparent for the following student associations: Socius ry, Sulo ry ja Serveri ry

Miro Helminen

Business relations, Associations and Clubs


tel. +358 44 576 8401


Hi! My name is Miro Helminen and I am a fifth year business student studying in Joensuu. In ISYY's Executive Board I am responsible for the business relations as well as associations and clubs. I have been a part of the Representative Council of ISYY for the last year and I have also worked in the Finances Committee.

I also have a decent amount of previous experience from working in the boards of my own student association Optimi ry and some others. Feel free to shoot me a message if there is anything you would like to talk about.

Godparent for the following student associations: Optimi ry, Judica ry ja Legio Ostiensis ry

Niina-Hannele Nuutinen

International Affairs and the BRIDGES Project


tel. +358 44 576 8408


Hi, I'm Nele, a third year Crafting Science student. At ISYY's Executive Board I work with international affairs and as the BRIDGES Project cooperative person.

Previously I have been a board member for student association Kotex ry for two years. I'm also a student presentative at the Faculty Council for Philosophical Faculty and at the University Collegiate Body.

At the uni I mostly hang around at Taitola-building, but I read my messages regularly.

Godparent for the following student associations: Kotex ry, Nefa Joensuu ry, Joraus ry, Kassos ry, Iskra ry ja Pistis ry

Noora Alvinen



tel. +358 44 576 8405


Hello! I am Noora Alvinen and I am studying my second year in business at Kuopio campus. This year I am part of the ISYY Board and my sector is recreation. I have been actively involved in the activities of my own subject association in tutoring, project team and Vine Club Vino. You can see me most easily at events and my favorite event is Sitsit.

If you see me at the campus or events feel free to come and talk to me!

Godparent for the following student associations: Preemio ry, Fortis ry ja Kulti ry

Otto Korkalainen

Academic Affairs, Environment and Development Cooperation, and International Affairs 


tel. +358 44 576 8410



I'm Otto Korkalainen, a second year student of Geography and Environmental Policy at Joensuu Campus. As my minor subjects I study biology and pedagogy, for I am aiming for the qualifications of subject teacher.

Godparent for the following student associations: Tombolo ry, Mikrovillus ry, Täky ry, and Oidipus ry