Free time activities


ISYY organises a lot of events, theme weeks and theme days on both Joensuu and Kuopio. The events allow for students to get to know each other across the study fields. The aim of the different events and theme weeks is to support student wellbeing, connect students, offer something to balance the long study days and also to further the Student Union culture.

Many events have been running for decades and are annual highlights for students. Some of the traditional, much-loved events include the Campus Happening and City Orienteering,, the Independence Day Torch Parade and every student’s favourite: Vappu, i.e. the May Day celebrations that take place in the end of April and the beginning of May each year. If you wish to participate organising for example these events, you can join ISYY’s Teams., opens in a new tab: Join the Teams

Follow the Event Calendar

ISYY’s upcoming events are published in the Event Calendar that can be found from the front page. The events can also be found from the What’s on section of the websites and from Weekly Feed. The Event Calendar and Weekly Feed newsletters also contain information about events organised by ISYY Teams, Clubs, Student Associations and Campus Associations., opens in a new tab: Upcoming Events

Traditional Events

Annual Celebration

Annual Celebration is a traditional and respected dinner party, where Student Union members, alumni, cooperative organisations and other friends of ISYY are celebrating the birthday of the Student Union. Before the actual celebration there is a cocktail party, where invited guests give their greetings. The actual dinner celebration contains a three course dinner, speeches, music performances and also the acknowledgements are announced. The day after the celebration the guests will gather for the traditional Herring Breakfast.

Association Days

Association Days are held twice a year in both Joensuu and Kuopio. During the event, ISYY Clubs, Student Associations, Campus Associations and other local associations showcase their activities. It is a great opportunity to look for a new hobby, find something new to do in your spare time or to make new friends.There are also overall patches on sale at the event. 

Everyone is welcome to attend Association Days and there is no entrance fee. In Joensuu the event is held at Carelia-lobby and in Kuopio at Snellmania-lobby.

Campus Happening and City Orienteering

The Campus Happening and City Orienteering are events for the students of UEF that kick-start the semester every autumn on the same date that UEF has the opening ceremony of the Academic Year. The events are held in both Joensuu and Kuopio, and is organised by ISYY and UEF together.

The Campus Happening is an event for both UEF students and staff, during which we all gather in the campus yard to celebrate the beginning of the new academic year with different activities and programme. The Campus Happening acts as a kick-start for the City Orienteering. The Campus Happening is organised together with UEF.

The City Orienteering is an event dedicated for freshmans of UEF. During the event the new students will go around their campus city’s centre in groups and complete different kinds of fun tasks given to them by different student associations and ISYY clubs. The event is a great opportunity to get to know other students but also the student associations.

The City Orienteering is free for new students and the tutor is responsible for registering the group to the event. Older students can attend the event by purchasing separate tickets with a registration fee.

Independence Day Torch Parade

The Independence Day Torch Parade is organised on the 6th of December, which is the Independence Day of Finland. The Parades is a traditional and highly respected event that takes place in every university city of Finland. 

In the event a parade of students with torches walk from the starting point (in Joensuu from Haltia-building, in Kuopio from address Suokatu 42) through the city center to the war memorial graveyard to pay respects to those who died for the cause of Finnish independence. The Joensuu Parade ends at the graveyard and the Kuopio Parade continues its way to the City Hall. At the ending point of the parade, in both cities, we will hear speeches, music performances and the parade will sing together the national anthem of Finland “Maamme”.

Savo-Karjala Excursion

Savo-Karjala Excursion is one of the most known and popular ISYY Vappu  (May Day) events and it’s held every year 29th April. The Bus Excursion will go around Savo-Karjala area (the area between and around Kuopio and Joensuu) on a predetermined route and its pubs, bars and restaurants. The route remains as a secret until the buses start their journey. The event starts normally somewhere before 12 pm and it lasts about 9 hours.

Smiles and Complaints Week

During the Smiles and Complaints Week students are encouraged to give feedback to ISYY, UEF, campus restaurants, FSHS, SYKETTÄ or any other organisation associated with student life in our campuses. The feedback is collected via electronic feedback form. ISYY will process all the feedback given, and deliver the summary to everyone concerned. The Smiles and Complaints Week is organised traditionally in spring and autumn.

Sports Afternoon

The Sports Afternoon is held twice a year on both campuses. On the Sports Afternoon there is no teaching after 12:15, so everyone is able to take part. During the afternoon there is a lot of differen possibilities to move or to try something new. Some of the sports are totally free and some of them have an affordable participation fee.

Each campus has their own Sports Afternoon programme, which is organised by SYKETTÄ Sports Services. Participation does not require a SYKETTÄ sticker, but you’ll need to register yourself to the SYKETTÄ websites to be able to register yourself to the class, if the registration is operated via SYKETTÄ Sports Calendar. 

Tour de Itä-Suomi

Tour de Itä-Suomi is a cycling event in Joensuu and Kuopio, which is held already twice in autumns 2021 and 2022. 

Tour de Itä-Suomi is not a competition. Speed is not important, finishing the route at your own pace is. There is one service station at the route where you are able to refill your bottles and have a snack. Service car will help you with small bike related issue and with more severe problems, the service car will evacuate you and your bike back to the start/finish area. Traditionally there is 2 or 3 route options that are approximately from 20 to 100 km long. 


Vappu (known as Saint Walpurga's or May Day in the English-speaking world) is the biggest student event of the whole academic year in Finland, in every university city. Vappu is celebrated in a carnival-style manner, often for several weeks at a time. ISYY has its own Vappu Traditions, like Savo-Karjala Excursion 29.4. (see its own chapter earlier) and also the Vappu Eve 31.5. traditions in both Joensuu and Kuopio. Also associations and clubs has their own traditional events during Vappu celebration which usually begin already in the middle of April. 

Wellbeing Week

The Wellbeing Week is a theme week organised together with UEF and its aim is to help students and UEF staff to look after their physical and mental health by introducing local wellbeing organisations and by giving tips to improve wellbeing. Traditionally there are lectures, workshops, sports afternoon and other activities to support wellbeing. The week has a changing theme, that has previously been e.g. loneliness, ergonomics, sports and brain health.

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