Free time activities


ISYY organises a great deal of events, theme weeks and theme days on both campuses each year. The events allow for students to get to know each other in a cross-disciplinary setting, whereas the aim of the theme weeks and theme days is to support student well-being.

Many events have been running for decades and are annual highlights for students on both campuses. Some of the traditional, much-loved events include the Campus Happening, the Independence Day Torch Parade and every student’s favourite: Vappu, i.e. the May Day celebrations that take place in the end of April and the beginning of May each year. If you wish to participate organising for example these events, you can join ISYY’s Teams.

Keep Your Eye on the Events Calendar

ISYY’s upcoming events can be found in the Weekly Feed as well as in the What’s on section and Events Calendar of the website. The Events Calendar and Weekly Feed newsletters also contain information about events organised by ISYY Teams, Clubs, Student Organisations and Campus Organisations. Upcoming events