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Equipment Loan Service

At the Joensuu and Kuopio office, there is a selection of equipment for sports and hobby activities that can be borrowed free of charge by ISYY and SYKETTÄ members. The sports equipment can be borrowed for one week at a time.

How can I borrow?

Come to ISYY Joensuu or Kuopio office, choose the equipment you want to borrow, and fill in the electronical loan form at the office. Borrowing happens always at the ISYY office and equipment can not be reserved upfront.

Terms of Use

  • Equipment loans are only for ISYY members, SYKETTÄ users with valid sticker, and members of Joensuu's Exchange and International Students (JEIS)
  • Loan period is one (1) week
    • The loan period is automatically extended if there is national holiday and/or the ISYY offices are closed on the day your loan is due
  • It is not possible to renew the equipment loan from home. After returning the item(s) to the ISYY office, you can loan the same item(s) again the next day at the earliest
  • The borrower is responsible for the equipment loaned under their name
  • A person can borrow two (2) items / item sets at a time
    • E.g. badminton racket and birdie are considered as one (1) item set. Skis, ski poles and ski shoes are considered as one (1) item set
    • It is possible to borrow an item for a friend only if they are an ISYY member, a SYKETTÄ user with valid sticker, or a member of Joensuu's Exchange and International Students (JEIS). You need to give the name of your friend to ISYY staff as you borrow the equipment. The borrower is responsible for the equipment when borrowing item(s) for a friend
    • NB! Person that is eligible to use ISYY's equipment loans can borrow a racket for a family member to be used at the SYKETTÄ family badminton turn
  • Student associations, campus associations and ISYY clubs can borrow several pieces of equipment at a time
  • The person borrowing the equipment is responsible for covering the cost of the equipment that is damaged or lost in their use. Normal wear and tear in use is acceptable, but if the equipment is no longer usable, the borrower must compensate for the equipment. The borrower has an option to replace the broken item with its equivalent or pay the cost of the item to ISYY. If the borrower chooses to pay the item to ISYY, the price is negotiated for each case separately

The borrower accepts these terms as they borrow the equipment. These terms of use are in place to prevent incorrect use of equipment and to ensure that all eligible users have an opportunity to use the service. If the borrower violates these terms of use, the borrower receives a two-week ban that can be lifted before the two weeks are up by paying a fee of four (4) euros.

The terms of use are in force indefinitely. ISYY reserves the right to make changes.

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