Student Card and the Term Sticker

It isn’t compulsory to order a student card, but it functions as a national benefit and discount card as well as the Student Union (ISYY) membership card. With the student card and valid term sticker you are entitled to thousands of student discounts all over Finland. You should order your student card as soon as possible after you have paid and registered your Student Union (ISYY) membership.

You can choose from a variety of different kinds of student cards: You can order a plastic student card, download a digital student card to your phone or use them both. If you order a plastic card you can choose a regular (plain blue) student card or a student card with a payment functionality. You can have either one of the previous cards as an ISIC card (international student cards). ISIC card can be used to receive student discounts abroad and therefore might be handy if you travel a lot. More information about different types of student cards can be found on Frank's website.

You can also download a digital student card (Frank App) in which case you do not necessarily need to order a plastic student card. With digital student card you are eligible to all the same student discounts as with the traditional plastic one. The difference is that your digital student card can be automatically updated without you having to retrieve any term stickers. The activation process takes less than a minute. More information about the Frank App can be found on Frank's website.

NOTE: You need a Finnish Identity Number to order and download a student card. Before ordering/downloading you also need to make sure that your Finnish Identity Number is in the Student Register (Weboodi). You may apply for a Finnish Identity Number at the Local Register Office.

How to Order Your Student Card

You can order your student card online at Frank. Also make sure that you have enrolled for the next semester, you are a member of your own student union and have paid the membership fee. To place an order you also need to register to

Before Ordering the Student Card, You Will Need the Following:

1. A clear photo of your face with colours in electronic format.

The photo must be taken from the front so that it is similar to a passport photo and it must be a recognisable image of your face. There shouldn’t be any hats, sunglasses, quirky backgrounds or other disturbances. The photo must be square shaped (1:1 ratio) .jpg (no .png or .pdf), size at least 300 x 300 px. Tip: A good-quality selfie is fine. Be careful here: If you upload a bad photo, it cannot be used as a student ID!

2. A payment instrument to pay for the order.

You can pay for the card order using Visa, VisaElectron or MasterCard. The price of the regular student card is 16,10 € + delivery fee (1 €).

When and How You’ll Get Your Student Card

After you have submitted your payment and ordered your card, wait for 2–4 weeks. Your card will be printed and then sent to your home address. Please be patient during the autumn “rush hour” – the system has to deal with tens of thousands of card orders and the printing process might take up to 3 weeks.

Note: After you have received your card, you still need to get a valid term sticker. Your student card is only valid with the “term sticker” which is attached to your card and shows that you have paid the membership fee for the ongoing academic year/term.

The term sticker can be collected from the Student Union (ISYY) Office. When collecting the term sticker please take your student card with you and if the card is new, also bring your ID.

Renewal of the Term Sticker

Once you have ordered your student card, the same card stays with you for the rest of your studies. The validity of the card is proven by the term sticker that needs to be renewed periodically.

The term sticker is valid until the end of September. If you are continuing your studies at UEF after that, you need to pay the ISYY membership fee and register for the following year via WebOodi.

The spring term sticker is valid until the end of September, and the autumn term sticker is valid until the end of January.

The term stickers are available at the Student Union (ISYY) offices after the 1st of August.

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