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Campus Organisations in Kuopio

ESN Kisa

ESN Kisa is an association affiliated with Erasmus Student Network.

Contact information: esnkisa(at)
More information: Website, FacebookInstagram

Kuopion Keskustaopiskelijat

KUKO is the local branch of the KOL (Keskustan Opiskelijaliitto). We actively try to raise interest in social impact and student politics. We organize various events, from relaxed game and sauna nights to deeply creative discussion and training events, and everything in between. So you can spend time with us in many ways, welcome to get to know us! Our events are open to all students.

More information: Verkkosivut, Facebook

Loimun opiskelijat - Kuopio

Loimu students – Kuopio, also known as LoK, is the local student association of the Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences (LOIMU). LoK enhances career skills and employment of applied physics, biomedicine and environmental science students on Kuopio campus of the University of Eastern Finland. LoK organizes information stands, training events and various events for its members in co-operation with other student associations and Loimu Pohjois-Savo. In addition, LoK is involved in organizing Kuopio Natural Sciences Day, which brings together students and companies in the trades across city borders. Welcome to LoK!  

Contact information: loimunopiskelijatkpo(at)
More information: FacebookInstagram

Monineuvoiset urheilijat

Monineuvoiset urheilijat aims to promote ways of cooperation between university students and working life by sports hobby.

North Savo Entrepreneurship Society

Kuopio Entrepreneurship Society – or North Savo ES for short, is an entrepreneur and student driven entrepreneurship community. We enhance entrepreneurial culture and multidisciplinary interaction between entrepreneurs, schools and students. We encourage people to refine their ideas, and we create an atmosphere to unleash hidden potential. To accomplish this we arrange events related to entrepreneurship. Collaboration is an essential part of our operations. If you have ideas for the community, contact us without hesitation!

Contact information: board(at)
More information: Website, Instagram, Linkedin

Savo-Karjalan KD-nuoret

Savo-Karjalan KD-nuoret, youth organisation of Savonia-Karelia’s Christian Democrats in Finland.

Contact information: savo-karjalan(at)

Suomen Farmasialiiton opiskelijat FLOp

FLOp is an organisation for the student members of The Finnish Pharmacists’ Association. You can join us if you are studying pharmacy or toxicology. Finnish Pharmacists’ Association is also a member of Akava (confederation of affiliates for highly educated people).

Contact information: flophallitus(at), flopkuopio(at)
More information: Website, Facebook, Instagram 


SYY-Kuopio is one of one local bodies of Social Science Students in Finland (Suomen Yhteiskunta-alan Ylioppilaat SYY ry), which is a student organisation of the labour union Social Science Professionals (Yhteiskunta-alan korkeakoulutetut ry). Our main task is to provide relevant information about benefits of being part of labour union and show social science students in Kuopio Campus that there are multiple different working opportunities here in Kuopio area for social science professionals. We arrange meetings with interesting local employers as well as events such as bowling, pre-Christmas party or simple coffee service for students coming from their exams.

Contact information: syy.kuopio(at)
More information: Website, Facebook, Instagram

UEF Kuopion ylioppilaskuoro

UEF Kuopion ylioppilaskuoro is a mixed choir operating on the Kuopio Campus, consisting primarily of UEF students, but also of ex-students, university staff etc. Exchange students are also welcome to join the choir! The choir performs in two annual concerts and upon request in various events. Our repertoire is very diverse, all the way from church music to a cappella group -style singing. If you’re enthusiastic about singing together as a group, you’re warmly welcome to apply for the choir!

Contact us: yo-kuoro(at)
More information: WebsiteFacebookInstagram