Membership Benefits and Services

Twenty good reasons for students to join the Student Union (ISYY):

  1. You can download Frank’s digital student card for free
  2. Student discounts – discounts on public transportation, at a number of shops, restaurants, cinemas, plus student priced meals at the university canteens
  3. Free ISYY student calendar
  4. Student Union events and theme weeks – Sports Afternoon, Vappu celebrations, City Orienteering, Sober Disco, Wellbeing week, Association Days etc.
  5. Sports equipment loans for free (ice skates, skis, frisbees, etc.)
  6. Board game loans for free
  7. Survival Package rental service (max. 1 year)
  8. Membership of ISYY clubs
  9. (Only in Joensuu) Membership of ISYY's international club Joensuu's Exchange and International Students (JEIS) – events, activities, trips
    • Free Welcome bag full of discount coupons, reflectors etc. provided by ISYY's international club JEIS
  10. Weekly Feed newsletter in English every week
  11. Inexpensive SYKETTÄ Sports Services with the SYKETTÄ sticker – choose from a variety of fun and sporty activities
  12. Customer service in English
  13. Venue hire with membership discount
  14. Interest advocacy services - helping you solve problems related to academic and social affairs
  15. Anti-Harassment Contact Persons’ services
  16. The chance to get involved in leisure activities and Teams – earn ECTS credits
  17. UEF, ISYY and ISYY clubs’ products for sale at ISYY offices
  18. Second-hand kitchenware for sale in our offices
  19. Free book exchange shelf at the ISYY offices
  20. Services for student associations (grants, help)