Free time activities

Club Activities

ISYY Clubs are non-profit free-time communities that operate under the Student Union (ISYY). Clubs are established by UEF students. Our Clubs are there to bring more joy and meaning to student life, and every member of ISYY is welcome to attend any activities and events organised by them. You can get to know ISYY Clubs from the campus specific listings, which links can be found from the end of this page. 

Clubs have their own communication channels, but you can find information about events and activities organised by our clubs from ISYY’s newsletters, bulletin boards and from our website's event calendar.

Didn’t find a club for you? No worries, ISYY members can establish new clubs and they will get funding from ISYY. Below you can find instructions on how to establish a club.

Club activities are regulated by ISYY Rules and ISYY Club Regulations, both can be found from ISYY websites Documents section. 

How to Establish a Club

Every member of ISYY may establish their own club. If you would like to establish a club, please read the instructions below, and familiarize yourself with the Club Regulations, which can be found in the Documents section.

An ISYY Club is established by holding a constitutive meeting. The meeting minutes and also the club registration form with the required attachments are then delivered to ISYY’s Specialist for Organisational Affairs to be worked on. ISYY Board makes the final decisions about establishing new clubs.

Steps on How to Establish a Club

  1. Hold a constitutive meeting with at least three ISYY members. Document your meeting minutes. The meeting minutes must include information on: 1) when and where the meeting has been, 2) who has been in place, and 3) what has been decided.
  2. Create a set of rules for the club and accept them in your meeting. Before creating the rules you should get familiar with ISYY’s Club Regulations to ensure that the club rules are not in a cross-purpose with the Regulations. The Rules must include at least following things:
    • The name, purpose and the model of operation

    • Composition of the Board and how the members are elected

    • Who (position) is responsible for the clubs bookkeeping

    • The date (approximate) of the General Meeting, in which the action plan and draft budget are accepted (the recommended date is in September or little earlier)

    • Possibilities of non-member of the Student Union to participate in the activity of the Club

    • The way in which the club is disbanded

  3. Elect the Board, where there are at least three members. Please notice that at least half of the board members and both of the chair persons must be ISYY members. The Boar must have at least following positions named:
    • A Chairperson

    • A Vice Chairperson

    • A Secretary

    • A person in charge of the finances of the club (this position can be named for one of the other positions)

  4. Create an action plan and a budget for the ongoing year and accept them in the meeting. Can be one document or two separate documents.
    • The Action Plan is a document that describes what kind of activities you have planned for the club for that calendar year.

    • The Budget points the incomes and expenses that you have planned for that calendar year. The Budget must be in line with the Action Plan. The Budget must be planned in a way that the result of incomes and expenses are 0€. 

    • NB! If you are establishing the club in autumn semester, it is often required that you also deliver the next year's action plan and budget already at the same time. That is because the deadline for ISYY Clubs action plans and budgets for the upcoming year are typically in the middle of October. It is a good idea to ask about this beforehand from ISYY’s Specialist for Organisational Affairs.

  5. Application for a club to be established must be done with a Club’s Registration Form, for which attachment is required to include:
    • Meeting minutes of the constitutive meeting

    • Club Rules

    • Action plan and Budget for the ongoing year

  6. The signed registration form with the attachments must be delivered for the ISYY’s Specialist for Organisational Affairs via email or to ISYY’s Joensuu or Kuopio office. The signing can be done either electronically or in the ISYY office. 

Please notice that the club must deliver their board’s contact information every year. If the club does not deliver their contact details to ISYY by the end of January, they can’t use the money reserved for them, ISYY facilities or other benefits dedicated for them. Once the contact information form has been filled in accordingly, the sanctions mentioned above will be removed. Clubs will receive a notification of when it is time for them to complete the form.

Read more:, opens in a new tab: ISYY Clubs in Joensuu, opens in a new tab: ISYY Clubs in Kuopio, opens in a new tab: Documents, opens in a new tab: Club Regulations, opens in a new tab: Club's Registration Form