Spokespersons for Candidate Lists

Each list of candidates has a Spokesperson who takes care of the practical matters of joining a list. If you wish to become a candidate on a certain list, contact the list's Spokesperson. You can find more information of establishing your own list of candidates and becoming a Spokesperson from the ‘For Candidates’ page. On this page, you can see the Spokespersons of the 2021 Elections. The 2023 Sopkespersons will be updated here later.

If the Spokesperson wishes to have their contact information or a short greeting from their candidate list published on this webpage, the information can be send to the Coordinator of the Representative Council Elections via email to vaalikoordinaattori(at).isyy.fi.


Spokesperson: Arttu Leppäkynnäs

  • email: arttlep(at)uef.fi
  • phone number: 050 3526390

DeeKu, or KuoLO and Dentina's list, is a representative group of medical and dental students. If you are at all interested in the Representative Council activities I strongly recommend you join! Everyone gets to work according to their own interests and use of time.

Welcome to DeeKu!


Spokesperson: Jimi Virkkala

  • email: jimi.virkkala(at)uef.fi 

ISYYn Demariopiskelijat

Spokesperson: Juuso Myller

  • email: juuso.myller(at)demarinuoret.fi
  • phone number: 040 4846774

ISYYn Vihreä Lista

Spokesperson: Ella Partanen

  • email: ellpa(at)uef.fi
  • phone number: 040 5088123
  • website: Vihreä lista (opens in a new tab)

As ISYY's Vihreä Lista, we want an equal and sustainable student union and university. What is important to us is the overall well-being of the students, the environmental friendliness of the activities and the equality of the structures: that everyone is able to participate as their own.

Welcome to our list!

Itä-Suomen Vihreä Vasemmisto

Spokesperson: Roosa Ylikoski

  • email: roosay(at)uef.fi


Spokesperson: Lassi Oikkonen

  • email: lassioik(at)uef.fi
  • phone number: 050 3489502 


Spokesperson: Sami Gabbouj

  • email: sami.gabbouj(at)uef.fi
  • phone number: 045 3559399

We are a non-partisan list of economics students, where we are united by the goal of making ISYY a place where every member finds meaningful service and things to do. In order to achieve this, we at ISYY promote e.g. real estate and service investments and financial independence. Follow uefkylter in IG!

Opiskelevat kokoomuslaiset

Spokesperson: Emilia Ihanus

  • email: emihanus(at)uef.fi.
  • phone number: 040 5106591

Welcome to list of the Opiskelevat kokoomuslaiset as edarival candidates. Anyone willing is warmly possible on our list. If you have any questions, please contact to the list’s election manager, Emilia Ihanus. Hopefully as many as possible would run for candidates in the Representative Council election!

Opiskelijoiden Etu - The Students Interest

Spokesperson: Kalle Kangasmäki

  • email: kalle.kangasmaki(at)gmail.com
  • phone number: 044 5289900
  • website: Opiskelijoiden Etu (opens in a new tab)

Opiskelijoiden Etu - The Students Interest is a non-political list with every member being an independent candidate. We look for different elects with different backgrounds without any limits of student associations or area of study. We advocate any good ideas and visions. One for all, All for one.

Savilahden Sivistyneet

Spokesperson: Jimi Viita-aho

We are a politically non-aligned interdisciplinary list. Because we are not committed, the views on our list are truly shaped by the areas of expertise of our representatives. So we warmly recommend that you come talk to us. You can find more information about our contacts on our website.

Read more:

Isyy.fi, opens in a new tab: For Candidates