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Interest Advocacy at Your Service: Applying Financial Aid for Students for Summer

Interest Advocacy at Your Service is a post series, where ISYY’s Specialists for Interest Advocacy are writing about Student Advocacy and giving you tips about themes that you might encounter during your studies. Purpose of the post series is to help students to better understand their rights and responsibilities and also to remind them about ISYY’s Interest Advocacy Services.

Financial Aid is normally granted for university students for the period of nine months from 1st September to 31st May. If you are able to do studies that lead to your degree, you can apply for financial aid also for the summer months, meaning June, July, August. 

You can apply for financial aid for June, July and August via OmaKela e-service through the following path: Benefits > Student financial aid > Notify changes > Notification of changes relevant to student financial aid > I’m reporting some other kind of change or applying for additional financial aid > Application for extended or additional financial aid. Another option is to fill and send the form OT 15e ‘Notification of changes Financial aid for students’ (linked below). The application must be sent with the required attachments to the address Kela, PL 10, 00056 KELA.

If you are planning to use your financial aid months during the upcoming summer, the application should be sent early enough, so that you will receive the decision on time. The financial aid can not be received as a backdated payment and the application must be done no later than during the month for which you want to apply the aid.

The financial aid for summer is granted for the university student according to the application and for the time period applied. As a student, you are responsible for completing the required amount of studies per financial aid month. Kela will monitor the progress of your studies in October and after that you’ll receive a request to report your studies, if you don’t have enough credit points.

Please note that using financial aid during the summer counts against a student's total eligibility for financial aid. Therefore every summer month for which a financial aid is received is taken into account when checking the student’s annual income. 

If you are not studying or working during the summer, you can apply for the basic social assistance from Kela.

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