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ISYY's newsletter: Weekly Feed Joensuu Week 3/2023

Tue 17 Jan 2023 05:29:20 PM EET

ISYY's newsletter: Weekly Feed Week 3/2023 17.1. - 23.1.2023


ISYY's newsletter: Weekly Feed Joensuu Week 3/2023

17.1. - 23.1.2023

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  • If you want to learn more about ISYY's international club ESN Joensuu (and maybe be a part of organising future events), join ESN Joensuu's General Meeting on Thursday 19 January  at 5pm in AU202 (Aurora building on campus) 
  • If you'd like to know more about ISYY's Language Cafés and perhaps learn a new language, come to Language Café info sessions on Tuesday 24 January either at 9am or at 4:15pm on Google Meet.

If you are a new student and unsure about how to join ISYY, order your student card or anything else related to your life and studies in Finland, please contact the ISYY team. We are here to help!

Hope you have a wonderful semester!

Kind regards,

Salla / Coordinator of International Affairs in Joensuu 




Learn new languages!

Do you want to learn new languages, brush up your old skills and meet new people or teach your native language? We have the perfect opportunity for you!

In a Language Café, your peers and friends are your teachers and at the same time, they can be your students. When participating in Language Café activities, you can also earn ECTS credits by either attending or organising a Language Café (UEF students only) and by submitting a few small assignments to Moodle.

Join the Language Café info session on Tuesday 24 January either at 9 am or at 4.15 pm on Google Meet to find out more! The content of the sessions is the same so you can choose which time suits you better. You can find the links to the meetings on ISYY’s website.

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The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland received seven applications for the Secretary General's vacancy during the application period.

ISYY's Executive Board decided 12th January 2023 in its meeting to call four applicants for interviews. The interviews will be held 21st January 2023 in Joensuu.

The new Secretary General will be chosen in the Representative Councils meeting on Thursday 2nd February 2023.  

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Loan winter sports equipment from ISYY office!

As an ISYY member you are entitled to loan sports equipment from our offices for free for a one week at a time. Especially right now it is a great time to use this possibility, as we have a lot of equipment for winter time.

In ISYY’s member survey, we asked you, what equipment we should add in our listing and at least snowshoes and touring skates popped out from the answers. Good news: you can now loan both from our offices (touring skates only in Kuopio)! During the last autumn we’ve also added e.g. padel rackets to our both campus offices. 

  • Winter sports equipment in Joensuu:
  • Plastic sleds (pulkka)
  • Snow gliders (liukuri)
  • UFO snow gliders
  • Ice skates
  • Snowshoes
  • Hockey equipment
  • Ice fishing equipment
  • Skiing equipment (cross-country skis)

Check the whole listing from our websites and visit our office to loan the equipment:


ESN Joensuu - ISYY's international club

ESN Joensuu is a local section of ESN International, also known as the International Club of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY). ESN Joensuu is for anyone and everyone who lives in Joensuu and likes to hang out with people from around the world - both Finnish and international students are very welcome to join us! If you are a member of ISYY, you are automatically also a member of ESN Joensuu. 

The most important task of the ESN Joensuu is to introduce Finnish culture and lifestyle to international students and to give Finnish students an opportunity to gain international experiences in Joensuu by arranging diverse events and activities. In addition, ESN Joensuu is active in promoting intercultural understanding on campus and in Joensuu.

We believe in fun, friendship and unity in diversity!


How do I join ESN Joensuu? 

All ISYY members are automatically members of ESN Joensuu and very welcome to our events! You can prove your ESN Joensuu and ISYY membership with a student card (Frank App). 

If you would like to help out with planning and creating the events, you can either sign up as an active member and help out whenever you can, or become a board member to have a little more responsibility.

If you would like to apply for the board or sign up as an active member, you can come to ESN Joensuu's General Meeting on Thursday 19 January at 5pm in AU202 (Aurora building on campus)! Read more from the Facebook event or in the Upcoming Events - section in this newsletter. 

Anyone can become active in ESN Joensuu and we really hope you do by either coming along to our events or by joining one of the open meetings. All events are published on our social media and in the Upcoming Events- section of this newsletter. 

Follow ESN Joensuu on Instagram:
And on Facebook: 
ESN Joensuu



Greetings from the BRIDGES coordinator

Hello and a wonderful start of the week from me to you! Last week, we published information about upcoming events on ISYY's website. It means that "new year, new me, but the familiar BRIDGES project" is now really starting properly. We have a couple of aces up our sleeve, but it doesn't make sense to reveal them at this stage. It's worth following ISYY's website, so you can get first-hand information about upcoming events.

I wish you a great week!

- Riina


BRIDGES breakfast in spring 2023

Come start your day with a nutritious breakfast and getting to know your fellow students, and you'll be energetic for the rest of the day!

Breakfast moments are organized during spring 2023 in four different weeks. Three breakfast sessions are organized in one week. First breakfasts are organized in week 5 31.1.-2.2. in SYKETTÄ’s new gym Portti54. Breakfast starts at 8:15 am and ends at 9 am.

The registration starts in Kide.app on 17.1. at 12 noon. Participation is free of charge and there are seats for 13 people at a time.

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SYKETTÄ includes sport services for the students and staff members at the University of Eastern Finland and Karelia University of Applied Sciences. You can see the prices for each sticker on the SYKETTÄ website and you can buy your sticker online or from the ISYY office. Remember to create a user account with your uef email before you try to buy a sticker or enroll to classes. 

Youtube: SYKETTÄ Sports   |   Instagram: @syketta_jns   |   Facebook: Sykettä

  sykettä website  

Free trial period 9.-22.1.2023

At the start of the autumn and spring semesters, you have a chance to try out SYKETTÄ sports services without a valid SYKETTÄ sticker. This spring, the free trial period is held 9.-22.1.2023.

  • During the free trial period, users can participate in the classes and turns available on the sports calendar without a valid sports sticker but users must enroll on each class and turn beforehand
  • New users must register on the SYKETTÄ website before they can use the services, previously registered users do not need to register again
  • After the free trial period is over, from 23.1.2023 all users must have a valid sports sticker
  • Open days at the new gym Portti54 are held during the free trial period, when you can visit the gym without a valid SYKETTÄ sticker and the doors are open from 8 am to 6 pm on Tuesday 10.1., Thursday 12.1., Tuesday 17.1. and Thursday 19.1.

Open Days at the Portti54

Welcome to visit the new gym Portti54! During these days, you can visit the gym without a valid SYKETTÄ sticker and the doors are open from 8 am to 6 pm. 

Physical activity counsellors Riina and Antti will guide in the use of the equipment and give training and technique tips especially for the beginners. SYKETTÄ instructors and physiotherapist students Juuso and Matias will give training and technique tips to both beginners and more advanced gym visitors. Physical activity counsellors / instructors at gym as follows:

  • Tue 17.1.
    at 10 am - 12 noon Physical activity counsellor Riina
    at 2 pm - 6 pm Physical activity counsellor Antti
  • Thu 19.1.
    at 2pm - 6pm Physical activity counsellor Antti

Portti54 is located in the address Tulliportinkatu 54, 80130 Joensuu. Nuorisoverstas and Combat Heaven are located in the same building. Access to the gym is from the right side of the building.


UEF student, please answer the physical acitivity counselling questionnaire form!

We are researching UEF students thought and needs related to physical activity counselling. SYKETTÄ Sports Services has been offering physical activity counselling since 2016 and from the beginning of 2023 we have had full-time physical activity counsellor via BRIDGES project. Physical activity counselling is recognised today as one of the most efficient way to increase individuals physical activity.

Answering takes about 5 minutes, thank you for your time!

Questionnaire can be found from the link below:




ISYY goes Ice Hockey Super month 25.1.-8.2.2023

ISYY goes Ice Hockey Super month 25.1.-8.2.2023, which includes four events full of real deal ice hockey! There will be a program for Jaromír Jágr  of their own life as well as for the bench athlete. All events are friendly to the student's wallet - free of charge. Read more about the events at Kide.app and sign up for the action!




SYL’s Board 2023 held its constitutive meeting

The Board of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) for 2023 held their constitutive meeting and divided areas of responsibilities among the Board Members. Each Board Member is also appointed specific sponsored student unions, for whom they serve as a sort of godparent and contact person this year.

This year Lotta Leinonen will avt as the Chair of the Board and Pauliina Ryökäs, who was in the ISYY Board 2022-2021, will be acting as the Vice Chair of the SYL Board. Also communications and this springs Parliamentary Elections will be in Pauliina's responsibility. Read all the working sectors of the new SYL Board from SYL's websites. 

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Degree student, remember to pay the health care service fee to Kela! 

Degree students attending a university or a university of applied sciences must pay a healthcare fee to Kela. The fee must be paid for each term. Kela does not send a bill for the fee, so students must make sure to pay it on their own initiative. You can pay the healthcare fee via Kela’s e-service OmaKela (available in Finnish and Swedish only).

If you are completing a higher education degree and are registered as attending, you have the right to use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS).

  kela website  


Healthcare fee for 2023 set at EUR 73.60

The healthcare fee charged from higher education students for using student healthcare services will be EUR 73.60, or EUR 36.80 per term, in 2023. The students in higher education must pay the health care fee on their own initiative to Kela for both the spring and autumn semesters. Read more.

NB! You do not have to pay the healthcare fee if you have social security coverage from another EU/EEA country, from Switzerland, or from Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Even if you do not have to pay the fee, you can still use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service. Howewer, be prepared to show your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or your Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) when visiting FSHS. The card must be obtained before coming to Finland. Read more.

The Executive Board of ISYY decided in its 29-2022 meeting that degree students who come from outside the EU and have to pay the healthcare fee to Kela have the option to pay the fee at the Student Union office if the student’s bank transaction fee is higher than 30 % of the payment. ISYY will forward the payment to Kela on behalf of the student. However, ISYY charges a 10 € handling fee if a student pays the healthcare fee at the ISYY office. The deadline for paying the fee at the ISYY office is Wed 25  January. Read more.


International Week and exchange info sessions

International Mobility Services are organizing International Week on both campuses during
23-26 January 2023. There will be info sessions on student exchange and info desks on both campuses.

Please see Kamu for more information!




Do you know what happens in our campuses in case of power outages?

Due to energy shortages resulting from the global energy crisis, locally imposed rotating power outages are possible, and they will affect the staff, students and partners working on the Joensuu and Kuopio Campus of the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). The university is preparing for possible rotating power outages, also known as rolling blackouts. The university has prepared practical instructions for power outages.

How can you prepare? What is working during the outage? Where to get information?

By saving electricity, it is possible influence electricity adequacy and avoid the worst consequences of the energy shortage.

Read the instructions from UEF websites:

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Nyyti's chat in English (6 to 8pm)

Nyyti’s Chat is a place for sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences. Chats will cover subjects surrounding issues that affect student’s daily lives. Chat is also anonymous and free of charge. There will always be Nyyti’s volunteers or employees at the chat with you. 

How can I join the chat?

When the Chat is open, a “Welcome to Nyyti’s Chat”- pop up window appears at this page.

Chat topics:

Tue 31.1 Challenges in studying – what would help?
Tue 28.2. Can I find my position in working life?
Tue 21.3. Studying and stressing
Tue 25.4. How to get my motivation back?
Tue 23.5. Am I just a fraud with a fancy degree?
Tue 13.6. How can I find my strengths?

  nyyti website  




ESN Joensuu General Meeting (19.1.2023 at 5pm in AU202)


Join the board of ESN Joensuu

In January, ESN Joensuu starts recruiting new members for its new board (and active members) so if you are interested in joining ESN, or would like to help by voting to elect the new board and also know a bit more about our beloved ESN section (while eating snacks), you are more than welcome to join us in the General Meeting on Thursday 19th of January 2023 at 5pm in AU202 (Aurora building on campus)!

ESN Joensuu is made up of the board, the active members and the regular members. We are all equally as important, but it is the board that makes the big decisions and together with the active members gets the ball rolling to make student life fun for everyone!

Board positions are open to all those who are interested (and there’s something for everyone)! You can also sign up as an active member and help out whenever you have the time.

Check out the Facebook event for more information! 

  facebook event  

Current positions (for spring semester)

  • President is the leader of the club and supervises everything going on in ESN Joensuu. (ISYY membership required)
  • Vice President and Local Representative helps the president with their duties and keeps in touch with ESN Finland. (ISYY membership required)
  • Treasurer & Trip Coordinator takes care of ESN Joensuu's finances & trips.
  • Communication Manager is responsible for our social media accounts and spreads the word about upcoming events.
  • Two Event Managers, who are the masterminds behind the events.
  • Photographer and Graphic Designer takes tons of cool pictures during the events and designs promotional material like posters and tickets.

Don't be scared if you feel that you don't know anything about ESN! We'll have training and a hangout soon after the general meeting so all of us could get-to-know each other better and have the best time this semester.


AEGEE Joensuu - Join our board!

At AEGEE Joensuu, we are the only non-partisan political student association at UEF. 

If you are interested in advocacy, developing your soft skills, engaging in intercultural exchange, or strengthening your CV, come join us! 

If you are interested in joining our board, come along to our weekly meeting where our new board members will be elected.  

If you can't make it to the meeting, but would like to run for a position, please send an email to contact-joensuu@aegee.eu, introducing yourself, stating which role you are running for, and explaining what makes you suited to that position.

Where? AU205 (Aurora building)
When? Wed 25 Jan @ 16.30 

For more info, find us on 
Instagram @aegee_contact_joensuu
Facebook AEGEE Joensuu
Email contact-joensuu@aegee.eu


Board positions


  • Responsible for communication with UEF bodies (e.g., ISYY)
  • Motivates, supports and advises other board member
  • Ensures delegation of tasks
  • Represents AEGEE Joensuu externally
  • Upholds a strong vision for AEGEE Joensuu 
  • Note: These responsibilities are shared with the president

Ordinary board member

  • Supports the board where needed
  • Opportunity to propose events / actions, actively engage in event management, and see your own ideas come to life 
  • This is a flexible role, so you can put your own stamp on it!


ESN Joensuu Get to Know Each Other party (27.1.2023)

The start of the semester has begun!

Whether you have just arrived in Joensuu and you are looking to have a good time from the very beginning, or you are continuing your studies here, this event is just for you! 

We welcome you to our “Get to Know Each Other Party”! A perfect moment to have a great time and make new friends. We will have the whole of Bepop for ourselves between 7 pm and 10 pm. The “Get to Know Each Other” Bingo starts at 7.30 pm, after which there will also be a chance to take part in karaoke, and we will be having a DJ. The fun times continue through the night even after the place opens to the public. 

P.S. There will be an exciting Instagram post raffle, you can read more from Facebook and Instagram post! Awesome prizes awaits you!

See you there, ESNers! 
What? ESN Joensuu Get to Know Each Other -party
When? Friday, 27th of January 2023, 7 pm onwards
Where? Bepop Joensuu (Siltakatu 8 )
Price? Free for ESN Joensuu/ISYY members
Read more from ESN Joensuu's Facebook page and Instagram! 


ON THE ROOTS OF CULTURE – North Karelian cultural heritage workshop (1.2.2023)

Hey you foreign UEF student at Joensuu campus! How well versed are you in the North Karelian culture or Joensuu itself? Have you always wondered where those delicious Karelian pies originate from or what makes North Karelia and Joensuu stand out amongst other Finnish regions and cities?

Here’s a chance for you to further deepen your knowledge about Joensuu and the North Karelian cultural heritage through a workshop where you will have a chance to try your hand at birch bark crafting and to see the North Karelian museum Hilma and its collection.


The workshop will take place on February 1 st at the North Karelian museum Hilma. The workshop will start at 15:00 PM and end at 17:00 PM. The workshop is geared towards foreign students so the workshop will be held in English and there will be no admission fee. The museum is also having an Open Day on the same day, so you’re welcome to explore the museum free of charge after the workshop!

If you’re interested in joining this workshop, then please apply through the form linked below by 25th of January to ensure your spot!  Please note that due to limited space this workshop can only hold 20 participants. If you would like to know more about the workshop email Tiina Hirvonen at tiineh@uef.fi

See you there!
Where: North Karelian museum Hilma at Koskikatu 5 (the Carelicum building)
When: Wednesday, February 1st 2023
Time: 15-17:00 
Cost: FREE

  sign up form  



Tammimarkkinat (20.1-21.1)

Traditional January market at the Joensuu marketplace features vendors selling local food and handicrafts, such as honey, apples, baked goods and knits. 

Opening hours:

Friday 20.1: 7am-6pm
Saturday 21.1: 7am - 4pm 



Meet International House Joensuu’s Integration Adviser at Luotsi! 

We are there on Wednesdays, starting on the 11th of January 2023, from 10:00-12:00. (18th of January unfortunately is canceled.) You don’t need an appointment.

We can help you, if you have moved to Joensuu from abroad and you have questions related to:

  • general information and guidance on day-to-day life in Joensuu
  • you need information about the services in Joensuu
  • residence permits and applying for Finnish citizenship.

If necessary, we can book an appointment to our office at Malmikatu 5b, 4th floor.

  facebook event  

Event calendar

Week 3

Mon 16.1 MtG Guild meeting at 3pm in Haltia meeting room (Yliopistokatu 7, Haltia building 2nd floor)
Tue 17.1 Luomio club meeting at 6pm in Haltia meeting room (Yliopistokatu 7, Haltia building 2nd floor)
Wed 18.1 JOOJAKU meeting at 4pm in Haltia meeting room (Yliopistokatu 7, Haltia building 2nd floor)
Wed 18.1 International House Joensuu Integration Adviser between 10am-12 at Luotsi (Kauppakatu 29)
Thu 19.1 Joensuu Board Gamers meeting at 3pm in Haltia meeting room (Yliopistokatu 7, Haltia building 2nd floor)
Thu 19.1 ESN Joensuu General Meeting at 5pm in AU202 (Aurora building on campus, Yliopistokatu 2)
Fri 20.1 Tammimarkkinat at Joensuu Marketplace between 7am-6pm
Sat 21.1 Tammimarkkinat at Joensuu Marketplace between 7am-4pm

Week 4

Mon 23.1 MtG Guild meeting at 3pm in Haltia meeting room (Yliopistokatu 7, Haltia building 2nd floor)
Tue 24.1 Luomio club meeting at 6pm in Haltia meeting room (Yliopistokatu 7, Haltia building 2nd floor)
Wed 25.1 JOOJAKU meeting at 4pm in Haltia meeting room (Yliopistokatu 7, Haltia building 2nd floor)
Wed 25.1 International House Joensuu Integration Adviser between 10am-12 at Luotsi (Kauppakatu 29)
Thu 26.1 Joensuu Board Gamers meeting at 3pm in Haltia meeting room (Yliopistokatu 7, Haltia building 2nd floor)
Fri 27.1 ESN Joensuu Get to Know Each Other party at 7pm in Bepop (Siltakatu 8)




UEF students, develop your study and working-life skills in online trainings!

“Keys to Well-being – 5 Steps towards Future Work Skills” online trainings are designed to improve self-management skills, which are increasingly important in the changing world of work and study. Transformation of work requires new skills and competences: time and self-management skills, resilience and adaptability, collaboration skills, new ways of thinking, taking care of well-being and finding meaning in our work.

The online trainings consist of short videos as well as in-depth trainings. The trainings can be accessed flexibly at any time that suits you. They are free of charge to UEF staff and students, and they are available until January 31, 2023. The trainings can be accessed by logging into Moodle with your UEF-account: Keys to Wellbeing – 5 Steps towards Future Work Skills.

  read more  


TalentHub Joensuu

TalentHub Joensuu brings together international talents and companies in the Joensuu region.

As a part of the employment services of Joensuu city, TalentHub Joensuu aims to promote the integration of international talent into the Joensuu area, offer and develop personalized employment services for international professionals and work together with educational institutions and local companies to attract and keep international talents in the Joensuu region.

As an international talent, you can create your Talent Profile to introduce yourself to potential employers. As a company, you can look for the international skills your company needs with the Talent Profile search tool or by posting your own job ad.


JobTeaser job portal

New job and traineeship offers for university students and graduates are advertised in the JobTeaser job portal. In the JobTeaser service, it is possible to sort job advertisements with numerous parameters.

Read more »


Jobs in Finland

Welcome to explore open job opportunities in Finland. On our website, you can find jobs targeted at English speaking professionals. You don't have to be able to speak Finnish or Swedish.

Read more»



An employment service website covering North Karelia and North Savo regions. The service is created and maintained by the Student’s Eastern-Finland association.

Students can leave their profiles anonymously for employers to find and also seek employers’ job advertisements.

Read more »


Available grants for students of UEF and UEF's Open positions

There is a listing of grants availbale for students of the University of Eastern Finland at UEF's webpage.

You'll find a list of Open Positions at UEF HERE.




International Forum by Finnish Red Cross

FRC Savo-Karelia district organizes an International Forum for 18-29 year-olds. At the event the participants will learn and discuss about international aid work and about the role of the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement in it. The event is open to everyone and it’s targeted especially to people interested in volunteer work or humanitarian operations or in building a career in international aid. At the event we’ll also discuss about the rules of war and the impacts of climate change. The program includes presentations given by our experts and workshops where the participants get to dive deeper into the topics. A FRC International Human Resource Officer will be joining the event and she’ll be able to give first-hand advice to those pursuing a career in the field.

Language skills of the participants won’t be an issue, we will organize interpretation when needed. The event will be held in Joensuu and it’s possible to book an accommodation through us by 19.1.

(NB This year's application period for FRC Delegate Reserve is open until 23.2.2023)

  read more  

Apply for funding: Scholarship in forest seed/plant production, regeneration methods and tree breeding

Forest seed and plant production, regeneration methods and tree breeding is the focus of the SNS and NordGen Forest scholarship. Is that your focus too?

Take this chance to apply for funding for your project! The project needs to be relevant in a Nordic setting and contribute to exchange of knowledge and experiences, which is of utmost importance for the development of Nordic forestry. The scholarships are primarily intended for professionals in forest breeding, plant production or forest regeneration in the Nordic countries, students can also apply. SNS and Nordgen Forest encourages young people to apply.

Previous beneficiaries has used their grant for participating in conferences, conducting studies, building data bases, study visits and a lot more. See more here!

SNS strives for a balance (40/60) between male and female beneficiaries, and welcome persons of other gender orientations.

Between Dec 15 and Febr 15 the SNS and NordGen Forest scholarship is open for applications. Apply here!

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Are you an aspiring future entrepreneur? Do you have a business idea but don't know where to start?

Join Startup Refugees Entrepreneurship Course organized online 15.02.–26.04.2023 to learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur in Finland and to get advice on your business idea.

The course is free and tailored for immigrants based in Finland - you don’t need to be a refugee to apply!


15.2.–27.3: Online workshops on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 17:00-20:00.
29.3.–26.4: 2nd phase for the participants with high motivation to take their business idea forward. Opportunity for business mentoring.

The course is interactive and includes group and individual exercises, therefore we can only take a limited number of participants to the course. The participants will be selected based on the applications and phone interviews.

You don't need to have a clear business idea to join the course but you need high motivation to learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur! The course suits also for early-stage entrepreneurs who have challenges in running their business due to lack of business knowledge. 

Apply by 4.2.2023 from the link below! 

Questions about the course? Contact: Mia Hyvärinen, mia@startuprefugees.com, p. 044 9740420


Information about Weekly Feed

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Weekly Feed provides you with current information on matters related to the Student Union, UEF or other organisations close to students, such as FSHS. In addition, the newsletter provides you with information on events taking place at campus or the campus city.

Weekly Feed is published on Tuesdays during the academic year, with the exception of holidays and a few other days. If you do not want to receive the newsletter anymore, you can unsubscribe the letter via the link (Click here to unsubscribe) located on the bottom of the letter. 

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Please include at least the following information: date, time, place, admission fee and the event website/facebook page and a short description of the event. If you want to include pictures, the optimal size is 270 x 270 px.



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