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ISYY's newsletter: Weekly Feed Kuopio Week 40/2022

Tue 04 Oct 2022 01:33:40 PM EEST

ISYY's newsletter: Weekly Feed Kuopio Week 40/2022


ISYY's newsletter: Weekly Feed Kuopio Week 40/2022


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Wellbeing Week of the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and Student Union (ISYY) is celebrated this week on both campuses Joensuu and Kuopio! The purpose of the Wellbeing Week is to offer UEF's students and staff a program that promotes wellbeing throughout the week. In addition, information about the importance of promoting wellbeing is shared during the week. This time the theme is brain’s wellbeing. Sports afternoon on Wednesday is also part of the Wellbeing Week. You might still find something to do for tomorrow from the SYKETTÄ sports calendar!

Please note that next week the ISYY offices are closed on Wednesday the 5th of October due to the Sports Afternoon.

Have a nice week!

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Weekly Feed won't be published on week 42 because of the autumn holiday. Next week's edition covers weeks 41 and 42. If you have material you'd like to include in the next Weekly Feed, please send the material to kv.kuopio@isyy.fi by Friday 7 October.



Changes in opening hours during October

There are some changes in ISYY Offices' opening hours in October because of the Sports Afternoon and the autumn holiday. Please, visit our office before week 42 if you have some urgent matters to take care of.

ISYY Offices are closed: 

  • Wed 5.10. (Sports Afternoon)
  • Week 42, 17.-23.10. (autumn holiday)
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Language Cafés have started!

Do you want to learn new languages, brush up your old skills and meet new people or teach your native language? We have the perfect opportunity for you since ISYY’s Language Cafés are starting again!

In a Language Café, your peers and friends are your teachers and at the same time, they can be your students. When participating in Language Café activities, you can also earn ECTS credits by either attending or organising a Language Café (UEF students only) and by submitting a few small assignments to Moodle. Check out the selection for this autumn on ISYY's webpage.

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ISYY nominates Pauliina Ryökäs as a candidate for the Board of SYL for 2023

ISYY's Representative Council made the decision at their meeting on 29th September 2022.

Pauliina Ryökäs has been a member of the ISYY Executive Board in 2021–2022 and a member of the ISYY Representative Council in 2019–2020. In the Executive Board Ryökäs has worked on social policy and academic affairs and promoted the work-life activities of the Student Union.

Read the announcement from ISYY websites.

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Announcement: Join the workspaces of audit in UEF

The audit of the University of Eastern Finland will take place on November 9–10 2022. In auditing, i.e., external quality control, the university's operation is evaluated based on whether it meets the criteria for high-quality operation. The assessment is carried out by the National Assessment Council (KARVI) under the Ministry of Education and Culture. In student auditing workshops, students discuss their own experiences with each other, e.g. about studying, teaching, support services or the study environment at the University of Eastern Finland based on the assignment given by the audit team. Students can share their own experiences as study experts.

KARVI's wish in auditing students is that the student interviewees represent the views and life situations of the students as widely as possible, so it is hoped that the interviews will be attended by as many year courses and students of different ages as possible. It is hoped that the group of interviewees will also represent both campuses of UEF, all faculties and genders.

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Register to ISYY Annual Celebration by 9.10.

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland Celebrates it's 12th Annual Celebration in Kuopio, Hotel IsoValkeinen, 29th October 2022. There is still some places left. We welcome all ISYY members to join our celebration!

All the information about the event and how to register can be found from ISYY's website: www.isyy.fi/annualcelebration.

Did you know, that the University and the Student Union has been in Kuopio already 50 years? The Student Union of the University of Kuopio (KYY) was founded 19th September 1972. Read more about the history of the Student Unions of Kuopio and Joensuu (JoYY) and how KYY will be shown in our Celebration.

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Sports Afternoon After Party at Bar Nousu & Bar Lasku 5th October

This autumns sports afternoon is held 5th October 2022. The afternoon is free from lectures from 12.15 pm onwards and there is a lot of different sport activities organised by SYKETTÄ Sport Services. Sports Afternoon programme in Kuopio can be found here.

After the whole afternoon of sport activities, it is good time to go to the legendary Sports Afternoon After Party in Bar Nousu & Lasku (Kauppakatu 18)! You can also play Beer Pong during the evening. The doors will be open at 9 pm. Free entry. NB! The cloakroom fee must be paid if you want to leave something there.

The After Party is organised by ISYY.


Join Tour de Itä-Suomi -cycling event!

Tour de Itä-Suomi is a cycling event in Joensuu and Kuopio, which is held for the second time this autumn. We offer two routes to choose from: 50 km and 100 km. Tour de Itä-Suomi is arranged in Kuopio on Saturday 8.10. and in Joensuu on Sunday 9.10. Participants will get an overall badge according to their chosen route.

Tour de Itä-Suomi is NOT a competition. Speed is not important, finishing the route at your own pace is! Shorter routes follow mainly bicycle or bicycle and pedestrian routes. On the full route over half of the distance is cycled on the edge of the road.

Welcome to Tour, enroll via Kide.app! More information via the link below.

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Welcome to ISYY Association Days on12th of October 2022!

ISYY is organising the traditional Association Days in October, in which Student Associations, ISYY clubs and Campus  Associations present their activities and events!  ISYY Association Days are open for everybody and there's no entrance fee.

The event is held on Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th of October from 10 am to 2 pm in Joensuu Carelia lobby and on Wednesday 12th of October from 10 am to 2 pm in Kuopio Snellmania lobby (1st floor). Come and find out what ISYY and associations close to it have to offer and buy new overall badges. It’s also possible that you’ll find some new activities or maybe new hobbies from Association Days!

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Call for Student Representatives for UEF Faculty Councils

ISYY is searching for student representatives to the UEF Faculty Councils for the ongoing term 2022-2023 (ends on December 2023). We are searching for the following applicants:

  • One Student member in the faculty council of faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies
  • One Student deputy member in the faculty council of faculty of Forestry and Sciences
  • Two Student deputy members in the faculty council of the Philosophical Faculty

What do the Student Representatives do? Student representatives in UEF administration are bringing the students’ point of view visible in decision-making concerning the students and they are expected to be properly familiarized with the matters being decided on.

The application period ends on Wednesday 12th October at 12 noon.

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Would you borrow camping gear from ISYY?

If ISYY had camping equipment you could borrow, would you use them? We're doing a very short survey via Google Forms so that we can make sure that students would want to use this kind of service. Please answer the survey by Sunday 16 October and tell us your opinion!

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Greetings from the Coordinator

Hello and wonderful Wellbeing Week to you! I hope that this week you will take some time for yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and stop at questions related to wellbeing. Even small changes can promote your own wellbeing and remember that you are also worthy of help. You don't have to worry about things alone, support is available. For example, on Nyyti ry's website you can find help for various life challenges. Read more from Nyyti’s website.



Movie night 6.10.

The Wellbeing Week’s Thursday evening will be crowned with a movie night, during which we will watch C'mon C'mon (2021), starring Joaquin Phoenix, who won an Oscar from Joker (2019). The theme of the film is a sensitive drama that deals with the wellbeing of the mind and emotional skills. C’mon C’mon makes you laugh and cry and sometimes both at the same time. The movie is in English. Movie night is organised at Kino Kuvakukko (address Vuorikatu 27, 70100) from 5.30 pm forward with Hyvät Kuvat movie club and the entrance is free. Welcome to have fun (and maybe cry a little)!

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Polar night “kaamos” survival lecture 7.10.

At the end of the Wellbeing week, study psychologist Katri Ruth holds a polar night lecture called "Kaamos survival" in English from 1 pm to 2 pm on Zoom. People may be negatively affected by kaamos, and darkness can trigger depression or cause extra tiredness. The effects of polar night time on the body and mind are discussed, and ways to cope with polar night are reviewed. Note! The lecture starts exactly at 2 pm. You can find the link to Zoom from the Wellbeing week’s program, the link is below.

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Hang out evenings

In connection with the Student Association days, the BRIDGES project organises hang out evenings on both campuses. In Kuopio, the event is on Wednesday 12th of October in Studentia's Chapel from 5 pm-7 pm.

During the hangout evening, it is possible, for example, to sew overall badges bought from the Association days, play board games and participate in bingo. In addition, ISYY's club actives are coming to event to introduce their club's actions. A small snack is also available. Participation in all programs is voluntary, you can also come just to hang out.

Register to the event by 7.10. by 12 pm (noon).


Open call for the BRIDGES team!

Are promoting wellbeing and community spirit important to you? Do you want to be a part of organizing BRIDGES projects’ events? Apply to the BRIDGES team by the 18th of October!

We are searching for 6 new team members for the teams on each campus. You don't have to have previous experience in ISYY – the enthusiasm to work together is enough!

Read more about the open call for the team and fill the application today.

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Physical activity counseling

Physical activity counseling. Do you feel you are not getting enough exercise for your health and well-being? Would you like to promote your own health and well-being through physical activity? Do you want more physical activity in your daily life, but don’t know where and how to start? Do you need professional support on your journey towards a more active lifestyle?


Sports afternoon is on 5th of October

The programme is out and you can find it here. The sports afternoon is lecture-free from 12:15 pm onwards!

SYKETTÄ Sports Services organises the sports afternoon programme, but no SYKETTÄ sticker is required to participate. It is still required to register to SYKETTÄ websites (Joensuu or Kuopio) to be able to enroll to the classes and turns. The sports afternoon programme also includes all the classes on the SYKETTÄ sports calendar that day!


Open trial classes on Tue 4.10.



More tips and information on




How UEF Campuses should look like in future?

Now you have the chance to share your vision of how your campus should look, feel and work. Whether your idea is big or small, new or old, share your vision with others this week! (3.-9.10.)

The theme is campus development and the different aspects that come with it – whatever campus development means to you.

Ideas will be posted on a shared Miro board so you can see others' ideas and let them enhance your own or even further develop others' campus development ideas. Please notice, that the Miro platform is not built to be used with mobile devices, meaning that it is easier to fill the board with a computer.

Share your thoughts at www.uef.fi/kampuskehitys.

  Micro board  


Cross-cultural communication course (1 ECT) for International students at the Kuopio campus

How to communicate effectively in cross-cultural situations? Do you want to develop oral English skills and confidence in speaking English?

Join the Cross-cultural communication in professional encounters course (1 ECT) organized by the Language Centre. In this course, there is a special focus on practicing language needed in customer/patient-practitioner interaction and the challenges of a multicultural work environment.

The course will be held 8 Nov–28 Nov at the Kuopio campus. Enrollment in Peppi with code KK00CT44-3001 Oct 28 at the latest. Please check also Language Centre Yammer for more information.

The course is primarily intended for students in international Master’s degree programmes. If there are places, students in international Bachelor degree programmes and exchange students are also welcome. Please note that the course requires presence on Kuopio campus. For further information please contact course teachers Hanne Lahti, hanne.lahti@uef.fi or Tommi Kakko, tommi.kakko@uef.fi.



Current news from YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe)

Application period for YUFE Student Journey is now open!

Are you looking for opportunities beyond your current programme of study? Searching for chances to upgrade your curriculum to the international level? Preferably free of charge? Then YUFE is exactly for you! The application period ends on 30 October.

Check what benefits you can gain by studying at our European University here or meet us during YUFE Open Day on 11 Oct.


Interested in volunteering work?

Volunteering work is a great opportunity to expand your competencies and acquire useful skills for working life.

In Kuopio you can do volunteering work for refugees and migrants at Kompassi. If you can’t find anything suitable for you or you have another organization you’d like to volunteer for, you can contact YUFE Volunteering coordinator Marko Pietilä marko.pietilä@uef.fi.

Apply to YUFE Challenge Teams

The YUFE Challenge Teams aim to develop creative thinking through an intensive teamwork process to solve real social, scientific and technological challenges by providing a novel and innovative solution with a collaborative, multidisciplinary and multicultural approach.

The benefits and value proposition of the YUFE Challenge Teams for the students involved are:
stimulated by new learning experiences and soft skills training for their future, based on teamwork problems, they can solve a real challenge and acquire demanding professional competencies. As an UEF student, you can gain credits from participating the YUFE Challenge Teams.

For more information, please click here and contact Marko Pietilä marko.pietila@uef.fi and Mari Argillander, mari.argillander@uef.fi

  • For how long: 9 weeks, approximately 60 hours
  • Application period from 12 September 12 until 6 October 2022

Would you like to participate in the first YUFETHON of our university?

  • What is it? It is an online event where participants will meet for two days (20h) to work intensively on a solution to a real problem. Participants will work in small groups in a unique environment that encourages creative thinking. Would you dare to participate in our First Edition? As an UEF student, you can gain credits from participating the YUFE Challenge Teams. For more information, please contact Marko Pietilä marko.pietila@uef.fi and Mari Argillander, mari.argillander@uef.fi
  • When will it take place? 7-8 October, from 10 am to 18 pm
  • When can I register? From 12 September to 6 October register here

For more information, please click here.


Student discount tickets only 4 euros!

This Thursday 6 October at 7 pm an American pianist living in Finland, Mackenzie Melemed, together with the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra offers us a STORM OF EMOTIONS. Meet the Artist at 6.30 pm at the Kuopio Music Centre Hall of Light (free entrance).

4€ student discount tickets for the following Kuopio Symphony Orchestra concerts:

  • 6.10. Storm of Emotions
  • 27.10. Myths and legends
  • 3.11. ¡Viva Guitarra!
  • 17.11. Mesmerized by the Winds
  • 24.11. Our own star
  • 8.12. Celebration of Finnish Music
  • 15.12. The Nutcracker


More information: The 4€ discount tickets can be purchased at the Kuopio Music Centre Ticket sales only on the day of the concert (open Mon-Fri 3-5 pm or until the beginning of the performance and on weekend 1 hour before the performance). The discount price is only valid if there are still tickets left. To access the discount price, a valid student card has to be presented when purchasing the ticket.

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Student2Student counselling

Feeling confused, exhausted, or anxious? Needing a shoulder to lean on? Student2Student peer counsellors are here to support you in all situations. If you feel you want to talk to someone, anonymously if you wish, Student2Student is the place to go. The trained peer counsellors can help you find further support or the answer to a question on your mind. Discussions are confidential and free of charge.

You can reach Student2Student via telephone (+358 29 445 8580) or via the chat in Kamu. The service is open from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. You can leave a callback request by calling the line anytime, and a peer counsellor will call you when the service is next open.

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Nyyti’s Chat

Nyyti’s Chat is a place for sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences. Chats will cover subjects surrounding issues that affect student’s daily lives. Chat is also anonymous and free of charge. There will always be Nyyti’s volunteers or employees at the chat with you.

Chats in English from 6 to 8 pm:

  • Tue 25.10. Feeling tired all the time?
  • Tue 22.11. Living with roomies?
  • Tue 13.12. Racism and mental health
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KuoLO, Dentina and Retikka proudly presents:
Autumn Run 10km & 5km 12.10.2022 at 17:00

This event is a call for sporty autumn. Accept the challenge and choose between 10 or 5 km.

All participants will get a small goodie bag after race and the best runners will be awarded. Purchase your ticket in advance for 3€ from Kide.app. Ticket sales begin on 3 October at 12 pm.

  facebook event  



Rugby beginner course

Do you want new friends and a fun hobby? Kuopio Rugby Club is arranging a beginner’s course that takes place from 4.10.-27.10.2022 every Tuesday and Thursday from 20:00-21:30. The beginners course is free for all. You will learn the basics of rugby in good company and guided by our experienced players. No previous knowledge is required, just willingness to learn!

Welcome to try rugby with us!

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Red Cross hang out evening 12.10: Halloween themed music panel

Red Cross Kuopio department organizes hang out evenings for students and young people. In October’s hang out evening we will have a Halloween themed music panel. Choose your favourite songs that suit the Halloween ambiance and bring them to the music panel to be rated. At the end of the evening we will find out what is the best Halloween themed song. The event is free of charge and will take place at Red Cross (Puijonkatu 9) on Wednesday 12.10 from 6 pm till 9 pm. Welcome! More information via email hengailu@sprkuopio.fi.




Start ITF Taekwon-Do!

The beginner course is open for every student and staff member of the University of Eastern Finland and Savonia-polytechnic. However, you'll need a SYKETTÄ sticker in order to participate.

We have two free introduction sessions you can attend: Tue 4.10. and Thu 6.10.2022. Please enroll for the free classes via the SYKETTÄ Sports calendar. T-shirt and sweatpants are fine for the training sessions.

Beginner course for autumn starts on Tue 11.10.2022! Training schedule:

  • Tuesday 17:00 – 19:00
  • Thursday 15:00 – 17:00
  • Location: Studentia / Hall 3

Registrations for class teacher during training or by sending an email to pj.kuopio@ueftkd.fi.



Apply for Junction 2022!

Junction 2022 is Europe’s leading hackathon, and once again it’s completely live in Espoo, Finland! It will gather 1300 experienced coders, developers, and tech enthusiasts as well as young visual and business professionals together to solve the challenges of our partners, such as Huawei, Binance, and Aiven. At the event, you’ll team up with other enthusiastic problem solvers, and show what you are really made of.

Oh and, did we already mention the main prize? The winning team receives an award of 10 000 €. Everyone will also receive a participation certificate, for which universities are usually willing to shill one or more credits :)

So...clear your calendar for 4-6 November and start planning your trip! The event will offer you the most epic hackathon experience as well as valuable recruitment possibilities and great learning experiences, plus we are bringing Terminal back!

Apply before October 15!

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The 4th PCU International University Chess Cup

The 4th PCU International University Chess Cup is organized from 25 to 27 November 2022 at the University of Antwerp (BELGIUM). Participation in the PCU International University Chess Cup is free of charge and ensures a free sports and events program for universities and university colleges worldwide. Teams/players book their own accommodation and pay directly to the hotel or hostel of their choice.

The main objective is to offer students a platform where sport is considered as a valuable instrument to develop international interaction and experience, with emphasis on the International Olympic Committee recognized Panathlon values of Fair Play and Universal Friendship.

In addition, for those students unable to travel, on 23 November, an online Blitz Chess Tournament (PCU Chess@Home) will be organized.

For more information about the 4th PCU International University Chess Cup, please visit the official website.

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Wanna cross a visit to Lapland off your bucket list?

Join ESN Kuopio and ISYY as we are going far beyond the Arctic Circle to experience the real Finnish winter in the northernmost ski resort of Europe in Saariselkä, the place which has ski slopes open sometimes even in June! The trip is organised from Thu 24.11.2022 till Tue 29.11.2022.

Visit the real Santa in the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, take selfies with the reindeers at a farm hosted by Sami people, enjoy the beautiful Arctic landscape and if you are lucky, the mesmerizing Northern lights! There is also a wide range of winter sports you can try – everything from adventurous snowshoeing and skiing to husky sledding, and even swimming in the Arctic Ocean. The group will be accommodated in atmospheric cottages on the slope of the Kaunispää-mountain, which is a perfect place for spotting the Aurora Borealis!

Where can you sign up?

The sign up will begin on Thursday 1 September at 12 pm on Timetravels' website! Find more information and sign up via the link in the blue box below.

The price of the trip starts from 339 €. What is included in the price:

  • A round trip by bus to Rovaniemi & Saariselkä
  • Accommodation in 3-14 person cabins with sauna for 4 nights
  • Visit of the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi
  • Kemi SnowCastle visit
  • Tour guide services in the destination

For questions and other information contact Timetravels Customer service for assistance via Helpdesk or customerservice@timetravels.fi or via phone +358 10 421 8990, during office hours Mon-Fri 10.00-16.00. Cost of the phone call is 0,09 €/call + 0,17 €/min + international call charge (for calls outside Finland).

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UEF students, develop your study and working-life skills in online trainings!

“Keys to Well-being – 5 Steps towards Future Work Skills” online trainings are designed to improve self-management skills, which are increasingly important in the changing world of work and study. Transformation of work requires new skills and competences: time and self-management skills, resilience and adaptability, collaboration skills, new ways of thinking, taking care of well-being and finding meaning in our work.

The online trainings consist of short videos as well as in-depth trainings. The trainings can be accessed flexibly at any time that suits you. They are free of charge to UEF staff and students, and they are available until January 31, 2023. The trainings can be accessed by logging into Moodle with your UEF-account: Keys to Wellbeing – 5 Steps towards Future Work Skills.

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The shortest way to work - Pondi

Pondi is a new Savilahti talent pond implemented by KPY and Osuma Henkilöstöpalvelut, where the growing Savilahti area is at the heart with thousands of students and jobs. Pondi connects talents and jobs easily, interestingly and flexibly.

Talent, get to know the employers in the area extensively before you go after your dream job. Pondi enables employments of different lengths so that you can get to know different employers or work tasks already during your studies. You will get good employer contacts and diverse working life skills even before you are ready to commit to a longer-term employment relationship.

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JobTeaser job portal

New job and traineeship offers for university students and graduates are advertised in the JobTeaser job portal. In the JobTeaser service, it is possible to sort job advertisements with numerous parameters.

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Jobs in Finland

Welcome to explore open job opportunities in Finland. On our website, you can find jobs targeted at English speaking professionals. You don't have to be able to speak Finnish or Swedish.

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An employment service website covering North Karelia and North Savo regions. The service is created and maintained by the Student’s Eastern-Finland association.

Students can leave their profiles anonymously for employers to find and also seek employers’ job advertisements.

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Available grants for students of UEF and UEF's Open positions

There is a listing of grants availbale for students of the University of Eastern Finland at UEF's webpage.

You'll find a list of Open Positions at UEF HERE.




Project Green Challenge

Each October, Project Green Challenge (PGC)  informs, inspires and mobilizes high school, college, and graduate students worldwide focused on climate action, public health, social justice and advocacy. Join us all month alongside thousands of global young leaders!

This powerful and diverse call to action features 30 days of environmentally-themed challenges that touch lives, shift mindsets, and equip students with knowledge, resources and mentorship to lead change on campuses and in communities. Through conscious living, informed consumption, and individual and collective climate action, PGC participants are challenged to envision and work toward the healthy, just, resilient planet and future in which they can thrive — for eleven years and counting.

Each day of October, a uniquely themed challenge is delivered to registered participants via email at 6am Pacific Time and remains live for 24 hours.

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Remember to attach lights to your bicycle!

As the evenings are getting darker quicker, remember to wear reflectors and start using lights on your bicycle. When riding at dusk or in the dark, the Finnish law requires that a bicycle has a white or light yellow headlight and a red rear light. If you don't have these, you can be fined by the police. You can increase your visibility in the dark by wearing a reflector tag or a reflector vest.




Green Alley Award: Circular Economy Startups can win 25,000€!

The Green Alley Award is Europe’s first startup prize specifically for the circular economy. It fosters and promotes ground breaking digital circular economy solutions, recycling solutions or ideas for waste prevention in order to recover valuable resources from waste. All circular economy startups based in Europe and just entering the market, starting to grow or even expanding into new European markets, are welcome to apply.

The annual prize was created in 2014 by Landbell Group and several strong partners have since come on board, among them Seedmatch, the German crowdfunding pioneer and Positive News, a media organization that focuses on high-quality journalism about the good things that are happening.

This year’s most convincing candidates will be invited to the finals in Berlin with great networking and learning opportunities for all. In workshops they will meet European circular economy experts and startup mentors offering valuable advice as well as the opportunity to gain new business contacts. In the evening all finalists will present their business ideas in a live pitch to an international audience. An expert jury will then select the winner of the Green Alley Award 2023, who will be rewarded with a cash prize of € 25,000. Startups can apply by 21 November 2022.

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Please include at least the following information: date, time, place, admission fee and the event website/Facebook page. If you want to include pictures, the optimal size is 270 x 270 px.


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