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16,3% voted in advance in ISYY’s Representative Council Elections

The advance voting of the Representative Council Elections of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) ended today on Thursday, 4 Nov, at 6pm.  16,3% of those eligible to vote voted in advance. Eligible voters include members of the Student Union (ISYY) who have registered their presence at the university before 14th October 2015.

The number of advance voters is significantly greater than in the previous elections in 2013. In the previous elections, the advance voting percentage was 8,9 %.

The actual election days are 3.–4.11.2015 (between 9 am and 6 pm). This year, the elections have altogether 173 candidates and 13 lists of candidates. The elections are electronic. The term of the new Representative Council will begin on Jan 2016 and the duration of the electorial term is two years.

ISYY will report about the results of the Representative Council Elections on Wednesday night, 4 Nov. The results will be announced at results announcement events at the campuses on Wednesday on 4 November. Everyone is welcome to the events.

Results announcement events
Joensuu: 6 pm at  AU100
Kuopio: 6 pm at CA101
Savonlinna: 6 pm at A118

More information
Anu Arosanervo
Chairperson of the Central Election Committee
p. 040 7271 357, evpj2@isyy.fi

Election website
Lists of candidates
The Voting aid