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Bread Giveaway at Studentia on Tuesdays and Fridays in Kuopio

Virvatuli ry, an association for donating discard and extra food, starts giving away free bread in the lobby of Studentia (Yliopistorata 3, Kuopio, entry through the A door) on week 11 (of 2019). The bread is leftover bread from shops and bakeries, and students are free to take it for themselves.

The association will deliver the bread to the lobby of the Studentia building, next to tables near the porters’ post weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays until the end of May. The delivery should take place by noon. Please note that the delivery will only take place if there is bread to be delivered. If there is no bread to be given away, no extra notice will be posted. If you’re interested in the free bread, please visit Studentia and check out if there’s bread to go around.

For more information, please contact Ann-Lis Riikonen (phone 040 734 8458, email al.savonia(at)gmail.com) from Virvatuli ry.