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Call for nominations: “Development Cooperation Representative”

SYL’s General Assembly 2015 decided on a project on reorganizing SYL’s development cooperation activities for the year 2016. The aim of the project is to define the guidelines for the future of SYL’s development cooperation activities in a sustainable way according to the defined guidelines.

In that regard, University of Eastern Finland Student Union (ISYY) is searching for a “Development Cooperation Representative” to join the National Union (SYL) development cooperation working group. The working group which will include representatives from SYL’s head office, the student unions, specialist SYL alumni and potentially also other interest groups. It will include a representative sample from the student unions and the board will determine its precise size, including the student union representatives, at the beginning of February 2016.

The representative’s task is a voluntary one, and is expected to actively participate in the meetings for the working group. There will be regular meetings throughout the year, and outside the meetings, work will also be done electronically. Most demanding period of work will be in February–May and in August–September 2016. It is expected that the representative is committed and willing to work both internally in the group as well as outside it. Knowledge of development cooperation affairs and/or skills to brainstorm new solutions outside those already established is expected.

Interested person should submit motivation letter and CV by email with the subject “Development cooperation representative” to isaac.adaam@isyy.fi by Friday 29.01.2016 12 o’clock.

More info:

Isaac Adaam
044 5768402
ISYY board member responsible for development cooperation 2016

Piia Tiainen,
ISYY board member responsible for development cooperation ISYY 2015