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Students of Finland: Students of UEF – stories about your everyday life

Who are UEF students and what is their everyday life like? Why have they chosen to study at the University of Eastern Finland? What worries and stresses do students have about studying? And what makes it exciting and fun?

ISYY will share the stories of UEF students in social media during 6.–8.10.2016. The stories are a part of the Students of Finland campaign by the Finnish Student Unions and the National Union of University Students (SYL). The campaign aims at showing what it is like to be a student in today’s Finland.

ISYY will share the UEF students’ stories on its Instagram and Twitter accounts. You can search the stories with hashtags #StudentsOfFinland, #opiskelijaelämää and #StudentsOfUef, and they can also be found on the Students of Finland // Students of UEF Facebook event.

Amy’s story

Moi! My name is Amy and I am from Minnesota, USA! I am a first year master’s student studying public health. I am a registered nurse in the states and during my experience in the hospital I noticed the patients were going through a revolving door with their health. In other words, the same patients came in for the same problems over and over again. I thought about how this could be stopped and it led me to public health and the focus on preventative health. I chose to study in Finland because it is known for its healthcare. Furthermore, the University of Eastern Finland offers an international program with a focus in globe and culture. I am excited to study here because my classmates are from every corner of the world. As a result, each one of us has a different perspective on life and health. I believe this allows me to learn about public health with a holistic view. After I graduate, I hope to combine my nursing knowledge and my multicultural education to work on an international scale. For the most part, Minnesota is similar to Finland. Minnesota is known for having a Scandinavian heritage and ancestry. Since moving here, I have noticed a few cultural similarities that Finland and Minnesota share. For example, Minnesotans generally love their personal space and keep a distance between people. On the other hand, the language is nothing like English! I am taking two Finnish language classes, one at the university and one at Kompassi, in hopes to learn the language the best I can! The most difficult situation for me is at the grocery store. I have no idea what anything says! If you ever see me standing in the isles looking at my phone, I am most likely translating the language. So please stop and say hello and help me out!

Wanna share your own story or show us a capture of your everyday life?

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You can also post your story on the Students of Finland // Students of UEF Facebook event.

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You can search the stories produced by other Student Unions using the hashtags #StudentsofFinland and #opiskelijaelämää on social media.

More information:

Elina Kilponen, Communication and Politics, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, tel. 044 576 8401, kampuspj.kuopio@isyy.fi