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Ergonomics, brain food and exercise as themes of the Wellbeing Week

The Wellbeing Week of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) and the University of Eastern Finland will be held on all campuses on week 41, 9.–13.10.2017. The week will familiarize the University students and staff with local wellbeing operators and give advice on maintaining the wellbeing of your own as well as your friends and family. Themes of this fall’s Wellbeing Week are ergonomics, brain food and exercise.

During the Wellbeing Week, we will also delight you with dogs! We have invited dog visitors on all three campuses of our University during one day of the Wellbeing Week.

Wellbeing Fair, Dog Meet and the Smiles and Complaints Week

The Wellbeing Fair will be held on Tuesday 10.10. between 10 am and 2 pm in Kuopio (ground floor lobby of Snellmania), and on Thursday 12.10. between 10 am and 2 pm in Joensuu (ground and upper floor lobbies of Carelia) and in Savonlinna (upper floor lobby of the main building). Come and meet, for example the workers of FSHS (YTHS) and Amica. Brainfood and healthy snacks as well as Sugar and fat exhibition. With the SYKETTÄ sticker, you can also purchase healthy snacks (quarks, smoothies and fruits) – 20 % off price during the whole week on Amica restaurants in all campuses.

In Kuopio and Joensuu, Isku also presents different desk and office chair models and Staples presents diverse ergonomics solutions. Come and get information and useful advice about right working ergonomics, nutrition and exercising!

At the Dog Meets in Kuopio, Joensuu and Savonlinna you can really relieve your study and work stress! Come to pet and scratch dogs on 11.10. at 10–12 in Kuopio at the yard of Studentia, on 12.10. at 10–14 in Joensuu at the yard of Carelia and on 12.10. at 12–14 in Savonlinna at the yard of the University. The Joensuu dogs come from Pohjois-Karjalan Seurakoirat PoKS ry, the Kuopio dogs from a local friend dog group of Kennelliitto and the Savonlinna dogs from Tukikoirakko.

ISYY’s Smiles and Complaints Week will also be held on week 41. During the week, you will have a chance to give feedback via ISYY for the University, the Student Union and other operators related to studying.

There are also other events at the campuses during the week, see the detailed programme below.

The program of the Wellbeing Week at different campuses:

Wellbeing Fair on 12.10. at 10–14, ground and upper floor lobbies of Carelia. Local wellbeing operators present their activity, for example FSHS (YTHS), Amica, Isku, Staples and the Finnish Red Cross.

Dog Meet on 12.10. at 10–14 at the yard of Carelia. Come to pet dogs and at the same time, reduce your study or work stress!


Wellbeing Fair on 10.10. at 10–14, ground floor lobby of Snellmania. Local wellbeing operators present their activity, for example FSHS (YTHS), Amica, Isku, Staples, Liikenneturva, Pohjois-Savon Syöpäyhdistys, Kuopion Ensikotiyhdistys, Fressi and MLL. Come and try on Liikenneturva’s VR specs in order to test bicycling rules.

Health lecture on 10.10. at 4.15 pm (approximately 45 minutes), Lukema (Studentia, Yliopistonranta 3).
Lecturer: Juha Kokkonen
Subject: “Tehokas ja turvallinen terveysliikunta” (efficient and safe health exercising).
Content: For example principles and suitable contents of health enhancing exercise, recommendation for health exercise, ways of increasing physical activeness and decreasing inactiveness and the health benefits of those, and also the indications, contraindications and safety related subjects of exercise. The lecture suits for everyone interested in health exercising regardless of age, level of condition or ways of exercising. The lecture is in Finnish.

Dog Meet on 11.10. at 10–12 at the yard of Studentia (on bad weather indoors of Lukema, Yliopistonranta 3). Come to petdogs and at the same time, reduce your study or work stress!

Movie afternoon with the theme ”Pysähdy hyvä immeinen” on 12.10. at 15.00–17.15, Kino Kuvakukko (Vuorikatu 27). A Finnish movie “Tyttö nimeltä Varpu” and discussion afterwards. The event is free of charge and the movie theater fits 200 first viewers.


Wellbeing Fair on 12.10. at 10–14, upper floor lobby of campus (couches). Local wellbeing operators present their acitivity, e.g. SYKETTÄ, Nyyti ry jand Silmäasema.

Temporary relaxing room on 12.10. at 10–14, classroom B323.

Dog Meet on 12.10. at 12–14 at the courtyard next to the library or the car shelter depending on the weather. Come to pet dogs and at the same time, reduce your study or work stress!

Additional Information:

Joensuu: Heidi Turunen, the ISYY Executive Board member in charge of Social politics and Development Cooperation, + 358 44 576 8403, heidi.turunen@isyy.fi

Kuopio: Olli Auvinen, the ISYY Executive Board member in charge of interest advocacy, +358 44 576 8401, olli.auvinen@isyy.fi

Savonlinna: Heikki Räihä, Chair of the ISYY Savonlinna Campus Board, +358 50 535 3326, kampuspj.savonlinna@isyy.fi

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