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ISYY’s Executive Board 2018 appointed working sectors

The new Executive Board of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) has appointed working sectors among the Board members in its meeting on 18th of December 2017.

Sectors for the year 2018 are:

Juuso Sikiö (Joensuu): Chairperson, Chairperson of the Joensuu Campus Board
Heidi Hämäläinen (Kuopio): First Vice Chair, Chairperson of the Kuopio Campus Board
Heikki Räihä (Savonlinna): Second Vice Chair, Chairperson of the Savonlinna Campus Board, move of the Savonlinna campus
Susanna Haverinen (Joensuu): Board member, Communications and Culture
Niklas Leinonen (Joensuu): Board member, Recreation and Sports
Tommi Manninen (Joensuu): Board member, Employment and Business Relations
Ronja Mäkinen (Kuopio): Board member, Affairs of Social Policy
Saara Oravuo (Joensuu): Board member, International Affairs
Hanna Saarelainen (Kuopio): Board member, Communications and Environment
Sara Salonen (Joensuu): Board member, Academic Affairs

The Board will start their work in the beginning of January 2018 and their contact information will be updated on ISYY’s website by the end of January.

More information:

Juuso Sikiö, Chairperson of the Executive Board 2018, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, Juusos@uef.fi, tel. 040 567 0354

Secretary General Anna-Kristiina Mikkonen, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, paasihteeri@isyy.fi, tel. 044 576 8417

ISYY Board 2018 (from left to right):
Juuso Sikiö (Chairperson), Heikki Räihä (2nd. Vice Chair, Savonlinna Campus Board Chair), Susanna Haverinen (Communcations and Culture), Ronja Mäkinen (Social Policy), Sara Salonen (Academic Affairs), Saara Oravuo (International Affairs), Hanna Saarelainen (Communications and Environment) and Niklas Leinonen (Recreation and Sports).

Heidi Hämäläinen (1st Vice Chair, Kuopio Campus Board Chair) and Tommi Manninen (Empolyment and Business Relations) are missing from the picture.