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Representative Council elections campaigning days and election panel discussions

The candidates and lists of candidates for ISYY Representative Council elections have a chance to campaign at the University’s facilities on fore-mentioned times during weeks 28–45. The candidates do not need to inform ISYY beforehand on their participations on the campaigning days.

In addition to the campaigning days, there will be election panel discussions and result announcement events at campuses.

Election discussion panels at campuses

18.10.2017 at 13.45–14.15, 2nd floor lobby, Savonlinna
24.10.2017 at 11–12, Carelia lobby, Joensuu
24.10.2017 at 11–12, Snellmania, Kuopio

Candidates must enroll for the election discussion panels beforehand by 16.10.2017 (Savonlinna) and 20.10.2017 (Joensuu and Kuopio) to the following persons:

Joensuu: Antti Saarelainen (lasitten@gmail.com)
Kuopio: Maria Mäkitalo (mariajm@student.uef.fi)
Savonlinna: Jarno Mäki (jarno.maki@gmail.com)

Lists spokespersons will receive an invitation for the panels.  If needed, the panel discussions and questions will be in English.

Results announcement events

Results announcement events will be held on all campuses on 8.11.2017 at 17.30–20.00, AU100 (Joensuu), SN200 (Kuopio), A118 (Savonlinna)

The times and dates of other elections related events can be found on ISYY election calendar.

The ISYY Representative Council elections will be held on all campuses in Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna this fall. Advance voting takes place on 30.10–3.11.2017 and the actual voting day is 8.11.2017.

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