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Representative Council meeting 7/2017 decisions

The Representative Council of the Student Union of the University of the Eastern Finland (ISYY) at its meeting (7/2017) on 8 December 2017, approved the action plan and budget for the year 2018.

In addition, the Representative Council confirmed the results of the Representative Council Elections and approved an additional investment of 100 000 euros to a fund.

ISYY’s Action Plan for the year 2018

The following projects have been entered into ISYY’s action plan for the coming year:

1. Reforming Student Union
2. ISYY as an active societal influencer
3. Clarifying the activity of the Student Union to its members
4. Wellbeing Student Union
4.1 Equality guaranteeing Student Union
5. Campus transfer of Savonlinna
5.1 Flexible transfer from Savonlinna to Joensuu
5.2 Information of the campus transfer better reaching
5.3 Support of the student organisations and creating team spirit for the students
6. Consolidating the position of the working life sector as a permanent part of activity
7. Development of the cooperation with companies
8. Internationalisation of the campuses
9. Other projects
9.1 Reforming the Symbol Regulations
9.2 Towards more effective sports influencing
10. Description of continuous activity

The SU’s Action Plan for 2018 includes a project, which concerns reforming the Student Union. During the project, the Policy Paper of the Student Union will be reformed and a vision on how the University of Eastern Finland wants to be seen in future will be created. The Student Union will also try to encourage its members to be societally active.

In addition, ISYY tries to develop its services closer to the present-day students and bring the services more visible by communication. In communications, the activities of ISYY will be presented comprehensively. Also the brand and graphic image of the Student Union will be developed. The Student Union also tries to promote wellbeing by creating a Wellbeing Enhancing Programme and by upholding equality.

Related to the campus transfer of Savonlinna, the Student Union continues its activity by meeting representatives of the University regularly regarding the campus transfer and improves informing the members of the campus transfer. Creating team spirit between the students, will be enhanced by increasing cooperation between the student organisations of Savonlinna and Joensuu.

Working life sector will be consolidated as a permanent part of ISYY’s activity, for example with the help of trainings and events, and by cooperating with the Career Services of the University. Also ISYY’s policies of cooperation with companies will be updated.

Internationalisation of the campuses will be developed by influencing, for example, the University of Eastern Finland to increase bilingualism of its communication, and by taking the student organisations better along to the international activity, for example, by events.

Other projects for the Student Union include updating the Symbol Regulations and increasing the sports influencing, amongst other things. Continuous activities in the action plan include getting a band practice room in Joensuu, developing the aims of the climate partnership of Joensuu, branding the Student Union and developing the network of student representatives of administration.

Representative Council’s decisions are executed by ISYY’s Executive Board for the year 2018, elected on 8 December 2017.

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Further information:

Juuso Sikiö, Chairperson of the Executive Board 2018, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, Juusos@uef.fi, tel. 040 5670354

Jonni Nykänen, Chairperson of the Student Union 2018, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, Jonnin@student.uef.fi, tel. 050 4421894

Secretary General Anna-Kristiina Mikkonen, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, paasihteeri@isyy.fi, tel. 044 576 8417