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Saimaalta Susirajalle -excursion for students of the teacher studies on 2.11.

Campus transfer is drawing closer and the University of Eastern Finland is providing a possibility for students of Savonlinna campus to travel to Joensuu in order to get more familiar with Joensuu campus, city and also the local teacher students. The program includes info about the campus transfer where different groups within UEF will give a presentation about their preparations and services in Joensuu campus in the fall of 2018. The program also includes a tour around the Joensuu campus and the city. In the end of the day there will be party at Kerubi for the participants.

All students from Savonlinna campus and also all the teacher students from Joensuu campus are free to join in the event. Participants from Savonlinna have to decide that which bus do they want to return in as a part of signing in the event. We hope that participants from Joensuu campus will join in all parts of the event after the busses arrive from Savonlinna at around 11:30 am.

Busses are prepared so that all participants from Savonlinna campus can join in the event and all busses leave from Savonlinna at the same time at 8:30 am. As for the returning busses there will be multiple times that busses are leaving from Joensuu in the evening and they will leave according to participants registration. Also if there will be enough students who choose the possibility to stay in Joensuu overnight, UEF has promised to provide the space from Joensuu campus.

Event schedule (some changes are possible) on 2.11.:
klo 8:30 – Busses leave from Savonlinna campus
klo 11:00 – Busses arrive at the training school in Rantakylä
klo 11:30 – Lunch in Joensuussa (self-financed)
klo 12–14 – Info about the campus transfer
klo 14–16 – Tour around the campus
klo 16–18 – Tour around the city of Joensuu (central areas)
Klo 18:30 – 1. bus leaves for Savonlinna
klo 18:30 – Kerubi opens for the participants who bought dinner-card
klo 20:00 – Kerubi opens for everyone
klo 22:00 – 2. bus leaves for Savonlinna
klo 02:00 – 3. bus leaves for Savonlinna
klo 8:00(?) – Morning bus leaves for Savonlinna

Registration for the event is open and it will end on Friday (29.9.). Registration period is almost two weeks and the registration is done through the link below:

Registration link

The event is free for all participants on the part of the busses and the program. UEF will also provide some small snacks before the city tour.

Participants can also purchase a dinner-card for Kerubi. With this dinner-card you can get inside Kerubi before others and you can also join a buffee there. The dinner-card will cost 15 € and it must be purchased from ISYY-offices in Savonlinna or Joensuu by Friday 6.10.