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The Fair Trade Week reminds how each one of us can impact with our own purchase choices

The Fair Trade Week takes place every year on week 43. The University of Eastern Finland participates on the week together with ISYY and Fazer Amica.

The University of Eastern Finland together with the Student Union (ISYY) and Fazer Amica participate yearly in the Fair Trade Week. This year, the week takes place on 23.–29.10.2017. The purpose of the week is to remind everyone of the existence of the Fair Trade and how each one of us can impact with our own purchase choices. This year the Fair Trade Week’s theme is especially the meaning of adequate salary for living to weed out inequality, the realization of the childrens’ rights and ratification of the women’s situation.

During week 43, the Fazer Amica restaurants at campuses will have bargains from Fair Trade products and will also sell the winner product of the Fair Trade recipe competition that took place last spring.  There are also little competitions like – ‘Take a photo of you with ‘banana’ and post it to the social media’ – the winner will be awarded.

Fairtrade University supports Fair Trade, uses its products and communicates about it

The University of Eastern Finland became a Fairtrade University in spring 2014. The iniative for that came from Student Union and the commitment is signed by University board, University services, faculties and the half of student associations. The Advisory Board for Sustainable Development serves as a supporting group for the university’s Fairtrade efforts.

The best way for universities in Fair Trade activities is prose to be an ethical operator and to support Fairtrade, use Fairtrade products and give Fair Trade information for university’s staff members, students and stakeholders. So far a little less than ten universities have promised to do it and have became Fairtrade universities.

The University of Eastern Finland and Student Union are using Fair Trade coffee and tee and also wines in their events and catering. The university prefers Fair Trade and organic products always when possible. Also Fazer Food Services, who is responsible of the university’s catering, is committed to the Fair Trade and is serving Fairtrade coffee, tee and other products in their university restaurants. The assortment of the products has been expanded based on the wished of staff members and students.

More information about Fair Trade can be found in Fair Trade web-pages and university’s Fair Trade pages.

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