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Vote in Advance on the Parliamentary Elections!

The 2019 Finnish parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held next week. The election day is Sunday the 14th of April and the advance voting is between 3rd and 9th of April. During the advance voting, you can vote anywhere, but on the election day you must vote at the place allocated for you. If you are unsure about your right to vote, you can check it on the Vaalit.fi website (link below).

On the first day of advance voting, 3rd of March, ISYY is organising an advance voting event in Joensuu campus. Starting at 13.30, we are serving some coffee and tea in front of the Carelia-building and at 14.00 we will go to vote to the Main Library of Joensuu. At the event, after the voting, everyone who joins and votes gets an ISYY’s Vote! overall badge. It is not possible to vote at the Joensuu campus, but the nearest places where you can vote in advcance are the Main Library of Joensuu and the Joensuu Town Hall. 

The advance voting event organised in Joensuu is a part of the advance voting campaing of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) and the National Union of University Students of Applied Sciences in Finland (SAMOK), during which students all over Finland go to vote at the same time. Most of the events are starting at 11.00 and the Student Unions are collecting a line in front of the advance voting place. They will measure the length of the line at 12.00 and inform it to SYL.

In Kuopio, you can vote on our campus in advance from 3rd to 9th of April in Studentia-building at ISYY’s office Lukema (Yliopistonranta, entrance through door C). Another place where you can vote in advance nearby is Prisma, where you can vote also on the weekend. When you come to vote at Lukema in advance, you can also pick up ISYY's Vote! overall badge!

At the 2015 Finnish parliamentary elections, only 47% of the young, aged 18–24, voted. Even though parliament might feel distant for you, they are make decisions, that impact everyone of us. For example, the presiding parliament has cut 80€ from the student grant. So remember to use your vote! Everyone who has a right to vote has only one vote, so every vote is equal. 

Check the places to vote:

Tulospalvelu.vaalit.fi: Yleiset ennakkoäänestyspaikat (In Finnish)

Check on the Vaalit website, who has a right to vote at the Parliamentary Elections:

Vaalit.fi: Right to Vote and Compilation of the Voting Register 

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