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Over 600 Pieces of Feedback Were Given During the Smiles and Complaints Week of Spring 2019

In March 2019, ISYY collected feedback during the traditional Smiles and Complaints Week. Feedback was collected with post-it notes, feedback notes in restrooms and an electronic feedback form on the following topics: FSHS, the Library, the Language Centre, Fazer Food&Co., Tutoring, the Career and Counselling Services, the Self-Study Facilities, Student Housing, University communications, the University, ISYY, Sykettä and Orientation. 

Feedback was also collected on a new topic, Equality and accessibility in ISYY, in accordance with ISYY’s Equality Plan of 2018. 

In total, over 600 pieces of feedback (or 34 pages) were received. As usual, the University and Fazer Food&Co received the largest share of feedback. 

The feedback has been compiled and delivered to the parties concerned. Separate updates about the feedback and the responses will be issued in ISYY’s communications channels in late spring.

More Information:

Saara Tenhovuori, the Executive Board Head of Academic Affairs, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), tel. 044 576 8401, saara.tenhovuori@isyy.fi