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Speak Your Mind - Share Your Experience of Harassment

ISYY will held an anti-harassment campaign in its social media channels from November to December. 

The campaign aims to raise awareness of what harassment is and to share ways and actions when you come across harassment. 

For the campaign, ISYY collects students’ experiences of harassment anonymously. During the weeks 45 and 46, students can write their experiences of harassment on posters that can be found at campuses’ bathrooms. 

When you write your experience to the poster, you give ISYY permission to use the case as an example of harassment in ISYY’s own campaign in its social media channels. Please keep the experience you write anonymous for all parties. All experiences will be anonymised so that persons are not identifiable. 

Experiences will be shared on ISYY’s social media between November and December. Anti-harassment Specialists will comment the harassment cases written on posters and share ways how harassment should be prevented.

The university has prepared instructions, a process and an operating model for dealing with different cases of student harassment since 1.1.2019. ISYY was strongly involved in developing the instructions in 2018. The campaign also aims to raise awareness of that anti-harassment instructions among students. 

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Kamu.uef.fi, opens in new tab: Inappropriate treatment and harassment

More Information:

Susanna Remes, Executive Board member in charge of Social Politics and Development Cooperation, Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), tel. 044 576 8403, susanna.remes(at)isyy.fi