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Student´s Mental Health Day on 25 April

Students’ Mental Health Day will be held again this spring. The day will be Thursday 25 April. The goal is to provoke conversations about students’ mental health and to invite everyone to support the cause of mental wellbeing. The campaign will run for two weeks, from 15 to 26 April 2019. Campaign theme 2019: #RUUHKAKEVÄT – WHAT’S STRESSING YOU?

Nyyti ry organizes a Student Mental Health Day on April 25th 2019. This year the theme of the campaign is stress. The aim of this theme is to point out, how recognizing and reducing stress positively affects our mental health.

According to the Finnish Student Health Survey 2016, one third of university students reported high stress levels and one fifth very high levels. Students also reported that they need the most support with stress management. From this point of view, the theme of the Mental Health Day is essential for student’s wellbeing. By supporting the student’s stress management skills we can prevent and take care of their mental health issues and enhance their ability to study.

More Information:

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