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Updating information about coronavirus: UEF’s regulations and guidelines relating to the coronavirus

The page was updated 17th June. 

Main points shortly

  • University of Eastern Finland’s staff will return to work on campus gradually – most of the university’s teaching will continue to be offered online also in the autumn.
  • If you are sick or have any symptoms, stay at home. If necessary, contact your local public health care center for further advice. 
  • The university facilities have been closed and teaching has been transferred online. Ask the course teacher for more information.
  • All trips abroad related to studies and work are prohibited. Leisure domestic travel is permitted under safety arrangements.
  • Gathering limit of 50 people is allowed from 1st of June. However, ISYY still recommends taking advantage of remote opportunities.


At the beginning of the year, an epidemic caused by the new coronavirus COVID-19 began in China. So far, nearly 165,000 cases have been diagnosed globally. A total of 146 countries have reported infections.The clinical picture of the virus has included fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle ache and fatigue. According to current knowledge, the symptoms of many patients have been mild, but there have also been severe cases.

ISYY follows and obeys recommendations of Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL), Finnish government and University of Eastern Finland, to prevent the virus from spreading. 

Read more about the background of the coronavirus: 
Thl.fi: Coronavirus COVID-19

Most of the university’s teaching will continue to be offered online also in the autumn

The staff of the University of Eastern Finland will return to work on campus gradually over the course of this summer and early autumn, but most of the university’s teaching will continue to be offered online also in the autumn semester. Restrictions and guidelines issued by the authorities will be followed at all times in order to ensure safety and security.

Students will be informed about new practices and modes of completion for all of their courses by email, on the course’s WebOodi page and/or on the course’s Moodle-platform. It is easiest to follow main news about subject internal changes on each department’s/faculty’s/subject’s own Yammer-page. Please contact the teacher responsible for the course regarding questions about course specific modes of completion or any further inquiries.

The official information channels of the University of Eastern Finland during the corona virus situation are subject-specifically Yammer and generally Kamu.uef.fi/en/. You can follow these channels to keep yourself best informed on the situation. Follow your e-mail and remember to answer to anyone contacting you. This way you can ensure that the teaching staff knows that you have received their message.

Read More:
Uef.fi: Coronavirus situation at the University of Eastern Finland

What should you do, if you doubt you have a coronavirus infection? 

If you suspect that you have coronavirus, carry out a symptom assessment using the Omaolo website. You can also book an appointment at a health centre from where you will be directed to the coronavirus test if necessary. 

The symptoms include fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches, fatigue, a runny nose, nausea or diarrhoea. 

Read More:
Omaolo.fi: Omaolo symptom check-up service
Kuopio.fi: Urgent medical care and healthcare services
Siunsote.fi: Emergency services. The site is only in Finnish, but the number to the emergency services is 116 117. 

Instructions on how to take care of your business at FSHS during the coronavirus epidemic

FSHS has published the summer opening hours on its website. All service points are closed on Midsummer Eve June 19th and between July 6th and August 2nd. There are service point-specific differences in FSHS's summer opening hours. Check the information on the website. SelfChat is in use until 26th June. 

In case your symptoms are indicative of an acute respiratory tract infection, take contact with your local public health care center or its on call number. 

FSHS appointments continue to function normally according to the agreed appointments. 

You can contact the FSHS if needed through your local treatment assessment number.

Read more:
YTHS.fi: Instructions how to take care of your business during the coronavirus epidemic


The university facilities will remain mostly closed during the summer. The return to campus will take place in stages for the staff on 17.6. onwards. Teaching continues mainly online also in the autumn.

Are you planning to graduate as a Bachelor or a Master during Spring 2020?

If you are planning to graduate this Spring, please contact your teacher in charge of your study unit. The University of Eastern Finland guarantees the possibility for graduation for all of them, who planned to graduate this Spring in any case. The field-specific channels or groups in Yammer are the best way to hear the latest news concerning graduation.

Campus Libraries 

The library’s online services will continue to function normally. A limited pickup service of printed books and the chance to return borrowed books will open on May 14th. Due to exceptional circumstances, pick-up service fees such as a booking fee are not charged.

The Kuopio campus library will be renovated between June 1st and August 31st, 2020. During this time, the library’s book collection will not be available for use, because the books will be put into storage for the duration of the renovation.

The Joensuu campus library will be renovated between June 15th and August 7th, 2020. During this time, services will continue within the limits dictated by construction site restrictions.

Read More: 
Uef.fi: Library


All work- and studies-related travel abroad is prohibited, and leisure time travel is recommended to be avoided as well. Everyone returning from abroad must work or study from home for 14 days before coming to the university. 

For exchange students at UEF

Exchange students are recommended to follow the guidelines from their home universities. If you have not received any instructions, please ask them from your home university. If your home university asks you to return home earlier due to the coronavirus situation and you are not able to take care of the exchange paperwork(Letter of Confirmation/Certificate of Stay) in person, the paperwork can be taken care of later by email under these exceptional circumstances.

If you decide to stay in Finland, UEF has decided to organize teaching in alternative ways to make it possible for the students to attend and complete courses even if they cannot participate in face-to-face teaching on campus due to the coronavirus situation. The goal is to make sure that the students will be able to complete the required number of credits. The Departments will notify students of any changes in their teaching.

If you have any further questions, please contact: international@uef.fi 

The checklist on what to do before leaving:

Kamu.uef.fi: Before departure - checklist for exchange students

Providers of help

This exceptional situation can possible cause a lot of concern, anxiety and fear. But you don’t need to be alone with your thoughts. If you want to discuss or need help, you can turn to us with a very low threshold.

You can find the contact information from Kamu:
Kamu.uef.fi: Providers of help

Corona Help Lines in Kuopio and Joensuu:
Kuopio.fi: The city of Kuopio’s Corona Help Line
Joensuu.fi: Ask us! Information on the coronavirus

Tutor training 

Tutor training currently runs remotely and through online assignments.


Student financial aid

The provisions regarding student financial aid make it possible to take into account the exceptional situation caused by the corona virus in the maximum periods of payment of student financial aid and when monitoring sufficient study progress. Information about other effects will be provided later.

Read more:
Kela.fi: Student financial aid and the effects of the exceptional situation caused by the corona virus
Kela.fi: Frequently asked questions about the corona virus situation

Sickness allowance on account of an infectious disease provides loss-of-income compensation for persons placed in quarantine 

Kela can pay a sickness allowance on account of an infectious diseases to employees who have been ordered to stay away from work in order to prevent the spread of a communicable disease such as the novel coronavirus. The sickness allowance is also available to the provider of a child under the age of 16 who is placed in quarantine, making it impossible for the provider to continue working while the quarantine is in effect.
Persons who have been placed in isolation or quarantine in an EU country can be paid a daily allowance. The placement in isolation or quarantine must be certified by a physician authorised to issue an isolation or quarantine order in the relevant country.

Read more:
Kela.fi: Sickness allowance on account of an infectious disease provides loss-of-income compensation for persons placed in quarantine

Campus restaurants

The campus restaurants follow general national guidelines and will continue to sell take-away meals in the Kampus Bistro in Joensuu and the Tietoteknia restaurant in Kuopio, as before. 

Students can purchase two take out lunches for themselves at a time, and they can also purchase take out lunch for one fellow student (2 + 2 lunches in total, a valid student card for both students must be presented). The restaurants have special instructions relating to hygiene and safety in place.

ISYY Offices and kiosk

ISYY's offices and Kiosk will remain closed until 31st July 2020 and the staff will work remotely. Services are available by email and phone. 

Read more:
Isyy.fi: Contact persons and office services during the summer

ISYY’s events

We are planning events for the autumn and we will inform you more about them later!

When planning events, we follow general safety guidelines as well as the University's policies regarding gatherings or restrictions.

SYKETTÄ Sports Services

Sykettä Joensuu and Sykettä Kuopio organise outdoor exercise trainings in the summer. Check out summer classes in the sports calendar on the Sykettä services website!

The autumn program will be announced later.

SYKETTÄ services share home workout ideas and live training classes in their social media channels.

Instagram: syketta_jns
YouTube: Sykettä Susirajalla
Facebook: Sykettä Joensuu

Instagram @syketta_kpo
YouTube: Sykettä Kuopio
Facebook: Sykettä Kuopio

Student Organisations

ISYY invites Student Organisations to discuss and come up with ideas together regarding to the events and arrangements in the autumn.

ISYY recommends Student Organisations to follow the University's recommendations and take advantage of remote opportunities also in early summer meetings. Since 1.6. the gathering limit of 50 people has come into force.


Between June and August, the Clubs can organise gatherings for less than 50 people in Lukema on the Kuopio campus.

Haltia's club rooms on the Joensuu campus will remain closed until 3.8.

ISYY’s venue hire

The clubroom in Haltia building in Joensuu campus remains closed during the summer.
Suvas meeting room and sauna is available for renting during the summer.

Lukema facilities in Kuopio campus are open for ISYY clubs and tenants during the summer. If you want to book Lukema for your club or rent it please contact Kuopio office on 21st of June at the latest.

Sports equipment and keys

If you have sports equipment borrowed from the Joensuu office, you can keep them over the summer and return them in August. If it’s not possible for you to return the sports equipment in August please contact ISYY’s Service Planner.

If you want to return the key of Tikkarinne gym read the instructions from website of SYKETTÄ Joensuu:
Sykettä.fi: SYKETTÄ services during COVID-19 pandemic

If you want to return the key of Opistotie gym read the instructions from website of SYKETTÄ Kuopio:
Sykettä.fi: Electronic key for Opistotie facilities

Survival packages

If you still have your survival package, please contact Elina Pitkänen (kv.joensuu@isyy.fi, available until 30 June) as soon as possible and arrange a return date! After 30 June, please contact Juho Mutanen (vapaa-aika@isyy.fi) and arrange a return with him. The packages must be returned to ISYY.

If you left Joensuu and left your survival package in Elli’s apartment and you have not informed the Student Union about the location (address) of your package, email Elina immediately!

Good to remember

Let’s keep in mind that it is our responsibility to limit the spreading of the infection so that people belonging to the risk groups stay as safe as possible.

The best way to prevent the infection is to take good care of hand hygiene. Read instructions from THL’s website:
Thl.fi: Information materials


ISYY is actively communicating with UEF and other organisations related to student life. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our staff or members of the Executive Board.

You’ll find our contact information here:
Isyy.fi: Staff Contact Information
Isyy.fi: Executive Board Contact Information