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Are you aware of who decides about matters related to you in the Student Union’s Representative Council? Here are three reasons why you should be interested in this.

The official voting day of the Representative Council Elections is today 3 November. You can vote from 9 am till 6 pm via the electronic voting system: https://isyy-vaalit.uef.fi

1. The Representative Council decides the amount of the membership fee that you pay

As a degree student, you pay a yearly membership fee and the Representative Council decides the amount of it. The Council decides also to what the money is used for by accepting the budget for the next year at the end of each year. The membership fee is used for the operations of the Student Union. In addition, it is used, among other things, to pay for organising events as well as for supporting ISYY clubs and independent student organisations.

2. The Representative Council decides what kinds of membership benefits you receive as a Student Union member

As a member of ISYY, you are entitled to different kinds of membership benefits. The most visible benefits are recreational services, such as, ISYY clubs, events, theme weeks and the possibility to rent ISYY’s venues with a lower price. The Representative Council decides how much money is directed towards recreational activities and whether the Student Union buys new properties. The Council may affect the organisation of new events and theme weeks via the yearly action plan. 

3. The Representative Council determines the broad picture of influencing done at the UEF and outside the university

The Representative Council decides what kinds of messages the Student Union sends to the University and to what issues ISYY concentrates on each year so in other words, ISYY brings forward the matters that are the most important for students annually. During the past few years, ISYY has influenced, for example, taking into account UEF students who are in different kinds of situations in life, UEF’s study psychologists and the career support for international students offered by UEF, according to the action plans approved by the Representative Council. The issues the Representative Council brings forth can be local matters to which change is wanted or national issues to which a stand needs to be taken as a Student Union. These kinds of issues can be, for instance, students’ livelihood and health services.

By voting in the Representative Council Elections, you can influence who represents you at ISYY for the next two years. You decide who decides!

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