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ISYY is Looking for a Student Representative to the YHKA Faculty's Education Development Committee

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Economic studies has a Teaching Development Committee, whose tasks include:

  • improving the quality of teaching
  • monitoring study paths, curricula, initial guidance and study progress
  • monitoring of admissions and pathways and student selection
  • development of learning environments
  • development of common good practices 

The committee is chaired by the vice dean responsible for teaching at the faculty.

The committee has two student representatives. The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland is applying for one student representative to replace the vacant position. For the time being, student representation is continuous.

It is hoped that the student representative will get acquainted with the issues to be discussed at the meetings and have the courage to bring the students' views to the attention of the meeting. In addition, good interaction skills and student friendliness are considered an advantage. No previous experience in university administration or positions of trust is required.

A person who has the right to complete a bachelor's, master’s or postgraduate degree at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Economic studies is eligible for a student representation position. A person who has more than 50% employment with the university is not eligible to apply to the institution for a student quota.

Substantiated applications with possible CVs must be submitted to the student union's expert Mikko Aaltonen by e-mail to koso@isyy.fi by Wednesday, September 1, 2021 at 12.00. The person to be elected is decided by the student union board at its meeting.

More Information:

Mikko Aaltonen, Expert, Education and Social Policy, Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, koso@isyy.fi tel. 044-576 8414 (application process)
Minna Paronen, Amanuensis, minna.paronen@uef.fi, tel. 050 594 3785 (committee work)