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Open call to ISYY’s BRIDGES team!

Are promoting wellbeing and communality important to you? Do you want to be involved in the events organized by the BRIDGES project or even in the development of something completely new? If event organizing is your thing and you want to be involved in promoting student wellbeing and communality in UEF, fill the application to the BRIDGES team! You don't have to have previous experience in ISYY, but the enthusiasm to work together to promote important things is enough!

We are searching 3-4 members for the teams on each campus, who can also gather around them to plan and implement the activities of a wider group. In addition, a team leader is selected from among the team members. You can indicate your interest in the position of team leader when filling the application. ISYY's BRIDGES project coordinator Riina Pääkkönen acts as the contact person for the team and supports the team throughout its operations. The term of office of the team is 15.1.2022–15.5.2022. If possible, the team may continue to operate also in the autumn of 2022. The team will have no activities during the summer (May-August).

We wish the BRIDGES team member can participate in organizing the events in campus cities. The possibility of receiving course credits for working in a team are being explored from the university. It is possible to get a certificate of working in a team, which is a valuable addition to CV. At the end of the spring, all team members will be invited for a joint hangout and thank you -event.

Applications must be submitted by 25.11.2021 via the form below:

Google.forms.com, opens in a new window: Application

What team?

The Student Union has made some changes to our operations in 2021. With new organisational changes, ISYY longer has sections from 1.4.2021 onwards and instead will have teams.

The teams offer a chance to participate in the Student Union’s activities in practice without long-term active commitment.

Any ISYY member may apply to and be involved in ISYY teams. Previous experience with the Student Union is not required. As a team member, you will be able to both design and organise Student Union activities as well as contribute to the wellbeing and common good of all students. The purpose of the teams is to also increase the amount of visible Student Union activities on campuses.

Read more:

Isyy.fi, opens in a new window: The BRIDGES project

More information:

Riina Pääkkönen, the BRIDGES project coordinator, riina.paakkonen(at)isyy.fi, tel. +358 44 491 6529