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SYKETTÄ Free Sports Weeks and Appro

SYKETTÄ provides students and staff of UEF with varied and inexpensive sports services in both Joensuu and Kuopio.

Sports calendars for the autumn semester 2021 have been published and can be found on the campus-specific SYKETTÄ webpages.

Free Sports Weeks

At the start of the autumn semester, you have a chance to try out SYKETTÄ sports services without a valid sports sticker. In Kuopio free Sports Weeks are held on from 30th of Autumn to 12th of September and in Joensuu from 1th of September to 15th of September. 

How Can I Participate in the Free Trial Period?

All new users must register on the SYKETTÄ website before they can use the services. Previously registered users do not need to register again. During the free trial period, you can enroll on the classes available on the sports calendar without a valid sports sticker. 


Campus-specific SYKETTÄ Appros are held on during the Free Sports Weeks in Kuopio from 30th of Autumn to 12th of September and in Joensuu from 1th of September to 15th of September. The idea of SYKETTÄ Appro is to collect markings on an appro pass by participating in classes held by SYKETTÄ sports services. Each class is rewarded with one marking on the appro pass. By returning your appro pass you will participate in a lottery with fabulous prizes! 

After Free Sports Weeks

If you continue to visit the SYKETTÄ Sports classes after the free exercise weeks, you must buy the Sports sticker from the SYKETTÄ online store, mobile app or at the Student Union ISYY Offices. Read more detailed instructions on the campus-specific SYKETTÄ pages.

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