Information for New Students - ISYY in a Nutshell

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (Itä-Suomen yliopiston ylioppilaskunta - ISYY for short) is an independent organisation, although closely linked with the University. The purpose of the Student Union (ISYY) is to look after the rights and interests of both Finnish and international students at the University through interest advocacy. Student unions around Finland are working towards making the daily life of students better and negotiating better rights and benefits for all students. In addition, the Student Union (ISYY) arranges a variety of social activities and events on the campus and provides students with affordable sports services (Sykettä).

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Under the Universities Act, all degree students (completing either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at the University of Eastern Finland) are required to join the Student Union (ISYY). Therefore, if your aim is to complete your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at UEF, you are ‘one of us’ and it is worth making the most of your ISYY membership.

Exchange students and international postgraduate students are also welcome to join the Student Union, if they wish. As a member of ISYY you are entitled to all the services provided by ISYY and to participate in all of the events and activities organised by ISYY, ESN Joensuu, ESN KISA and other ISYY Clubs. ISYY membership will give you access to noticeable discounts in restaurants, bars, cinemas and shops all across Finland, as well as online.

You can join the Student Union (ISYY) by paying the membership fee.

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As a member of ISYY you are entitled to use all the services provided by us and some services provided by our affiliates. Some of ISYY's services are included in the membership fee and some are accessed with an additional fee. You may use all of our services and are welcome to all of our events, no matter what your home campus is.

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Student card

As ISYY’s member you can get a student card. The student card and term stickers are some of the most fundamental services provided by us. A valid student card is your official student ID and gives you access to noticeable discounts in student canteens, public transport, restaurants, bars and shops all across Finland, as well as online. Remember to ask for a student discount wherever you go!

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Survival Packages (for exchange students)

Members of the Student Union (ISYY) who stay in Joensuu or Kuopio for the maximum time of one academic year can rent a survival package which includes several things that are needed in everyday life such as linen and dishes. The idea is recycling, so most of the items are second-hand.

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Weekly Feed Newsletter

Weekly Feed is the Student Union’s (ISYY) electronic English language newsletter. It is sent on Tuesdays (excluding holidays) directly to the e-mail addresses of those who have subscribed to it. Weekly Feed newsletter is a useful point of reference to our international students as it combines local events, news and anything that might be relevant to our students – all in one place and in English language.

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Other Communication Channels

ISYY’s website: The ISYY website is the official ‘bulletin board’ of the Student Union.
You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on current news and events.

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You may also ask ISYY’s Coordinators of International Affairs Heli Siponen (for Joensuu campus) or Kalle Parviainen (for Kuopio campus) to be your friend on Facebook and follow their posts about life and studying at UEF.

How to Get Involved

The Student Union (ISYY) culture in Joensuu and Kuopio is rich and diverse, and there are several ways to get involved. If you are interested in student politics and would like to influence the way things are for students, the Student Union (ISYY) is here to lead the way. But it is not just about politics - there are so many ways to have fun and fill your free time! Why don’t you start by joining some of the organisations and/or clubs available on campuses.

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Student Organisations

One highly visible dimension of student life is the organisation culture, as most students belong to their very own student organisation. Student organisations are usually subject specific. For instance, if you study chemistry in Joensuu you are invited to join Bunsen Ry, the organisation for chemistry students in Joensuu. Or if you are studying biomedicine in Kuopio, Kulti ry is your organisation. These organisations (more than 40 of them in total) are the link between the student and their department, and also organise a lot of activities and events for their members.

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Student Union (ISYY) Clubs

Student Union Clubs come in various shapes and sizes. The clubs are run by students for students, and they organise various activities for their members. Joining a club is another great way to get involved in student life and to make new friends. Some of our popular clubs are the Board Games Clubs in Kuopio and Joensuu, the Debate Society Club and JOOJAKU (Japanese culture club) in Joensuu, to mention a few. If you cannot find anything that inspires you, you can also start up your own club. The Student Union (ISYY) staff will help you with all the practical matters and you may also apply for funding in order to organise club activities and events for fellow students!

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ESN Joensuu & ESN KISA – The International Clubs

ESN Joensuu in Joensuu and ESN KISA in Kuopio are Student Union (ISYY) clubs dedicated to serve the interests of the international students. The most important task of the clubs is to introduce Finnish culture and lifestyle to international students and to give Finnish students an opportunity to gain international experiences in Joensuu and Kuopio by organising diverse events and activities. In addition, ESN clubs are active in promoting intercultural understanding on campus and in the campus cities.
ESN activities include: Get to Know Each Other-party at the beginning of the semester, sports events (sledging, cycling, frisbee golf etc.), cultural events (international dinner, charity events, music evenings) and trips to Lapland, Russia, Sweden and Norway.

All members of the Student Union (ISYY) are automatically members of ESN Joensuu and ESN KISA. Most of our events and activities are free of charge - all you need is a valid student card.  We warmly invite everyone to join ESN clubs, regardless of your field of study or background – we are here to make your stay in Finland more meaningful and more fun!

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Befriend ESN Joensuu’s mascot Susi Van Wolf in facebook to keep up to date with ESN Joensuu’s activities and news

ESN KISA facebook page
ESN KISA website

SYKETTÄ Sports Services

SYKETTÄ offers a wide variety of sports to students and staff of Joensuu and Kuopio Higher Education Institutions at a very affordable price. We have more than 60 different fitness classes and many different types of ball sports on offer, as well as many gyms for our members to use.

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SYKETTÄ website

Contact Information

Street address of the Student Union (ISYY) Offices

Joensuu Campus Kuopio Campus
Haltia Building, 2nd Floor Studentia Building, entrance through door C
Yliopistokatu 7 Yliopistonranta 3

Contact Numbers:

+358 (0) 44 576 8449 (office)

+358 (0) 44 576 8456 (international)

Contact Numbers:

+358 (0) 44 576 8419 (office)

+358 (0) 44 576 8413 (international)

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Isyy.fi: Contact Us

Check our opening hours from our website:

Isyy.fi: Offices and the Kiosk


We are here for you and work hard to ensure you are happy with your life and studies during your time in Eastern Finland. We sincerely hope you will make yourself at home at the Student Union (ISYY) by joining the activities, organisations and clubs. You only have one (student) life – make the most of it!