ISYY's goals for the parliamentary elections are now published!

Mon 06 Mar 2023 12:37:00 PM EET

The Parliamentary Election Goals of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) has now been published. With these goals we are rising these themes into the parliamentary election conversation and our purpose is to indent candidates to these goals during the upcoming parliamentary season. The main focus in ISYY's goals are in the quality of education, in the wellbeing and income of students' and in sustainable future.  

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland appeals to the candidates in our Savo-Karelian Region and demands them to commit to the following themes in their parliamentary season 2023-2027.

The Parliamentary Elections Advace Voting period will be held 22.-28.3.2023 and the actual Election Day is 2.4.2023. Remember to use your right to vote, that students' voice will be heard in these elections!

Candidate, sign our goals!

A person who is a Candidate in the Parliamentary Elections can sign the Parliamentary Election Goals of ISYY by filling the form below. We will publish the names and parties in this page as soon a candidate has signed our goals and we have checked the form.  ISYY's Parliamentary Election Goals can be signed until 21.3.2023. The form is in Finnish only.

Google Forms, opens in a new tab: Allekirjoita ISYYn eduskuntavaalitavoitteet

Goals in the Parliamentary Elections 2023

We need to invest in the Quality of Education

Stable and predictable funding of the Higher Education

The Government of Sipilä (2015-2019) cut 1,5 Mrd€ from the education. At the same time there is a lot of pressure towards the higher education because of the Vision 2030 -program of the Ministry of Education and Culture, according to which 50 % of the population in Finland that are under 39-years-old must have a higher education degree in 2030. This equation is impossible. To be able to reach their goals, higher education institutions must get not only more funding, but also a stable and predictable environment to operate. 

During the next Parliamentary Season we demand that:

  • If the starting points at the universities are increased, at the same time the basic and the performance funding must be increased in the same proportion 
  • The financing model of the higher education institutes must be predictable and it rewards not only for the degrees but also for a good education and guidance

Accesible and Free Education

A welfare state cares about its citizens and wants them to have an opportunity to redeem their potential. Education is an essential part of the life and a way to reach everyones' own dreams.  That is why education must be accesible to everyone and studying must not come to an end because of, e.g. disease, lack of money or language boundaries. 

During the next Parliamentary Season we demand that:

  • The quota for first-timers in the starting places must be removed or limit not higher than to 50 % of the starting places
  • The Stucture of the matriculation examination must be reformed to be more adequate for the higher education studies
  • The Tuition Fees will not be taken in to use wider than the situation is right now
  • Language Policies in Universities treats students equally despite their working language

Wellbeing of Students must be guaranteed

Poverty of Students

The Rise of the living costs has caused distress also to students. Students' poverty must be in fair relation with the inflation.  At this moment many students are living under the poverty line. The Student Financial Aid for Higher Education Students is 268,23 euros per month.

During the next Parliamentary Season we demand that:

  • The obligation, that the study loan must be applied to be able to get the income support, will be removed
  • The 0 % VAT for the Public Transportation Tickes will be made permanent
  • The houdehold regulation in the General Housing Allowance will be removed
  • A 100€ rise to the student financial aid will be made
  • The Study Loan Refund must be equal to all who have a bachelor's degree, which means the Refund must be possible to get already after the bachelor's degree

Student Health Services must be fixed

In the beginning of 2021 the FSHF Services extended to serve not only university students but also the students on universities of applied sciences. This has increased the demand of the services more than the current operation structure can offer. Also the pandemic has increased the need of services. It is unreasonable, that students are forced to fund services, that can not fulfill the qualifications for them.

During the next Parliamentary Season we demand that:

  • The next Government executes the citizens' initiative called 'Terapiatakuu'
  • The operation of the Wellbeing Sercives Counties will be supporter in a way that the public health services are able to fulfill the tasks set to them 
  • KELA must negotiate again the service agreement with FSHS in a way that the service cost for a student won't be higher or the quality will not decrease

Sustainable Future must be take care of 

Smooth shift from studies to working life 

The sift from studies to working life must be smooth and straightforward. The meeting of educated workers and work places must be supported. This requires guidence during the studies and supporting possible employers reagionally and nationally.

During the next Parliamentary Season we demand that:

  • Funding of the Finnish Immigration Service must be increased to shorten the processing times of the residance permits
  • Career Councelling must be included in the Student Councelling of each degree
  • The know-how clusters, that makes finding a job form the field of persons education in the study region easier, must be supported

More Sustainable Society

Climate Crisis is one of the biggest challenges of our time and for that we need national and international actions. Finland has good preconditions to be a pioneer and solution finder in this crisis. We need changes in the structures of our society especially in energy production, food industry and public transportation.

During the next Parliamentary Season we demand that:

  • For the producers of plant-based food must be given tax reduces or production grants
  • The public transportation between Kuopio and Joensuu must be improved e.g. by opening a train connection 
  • The energy self-suffiency must be taken in to account in the Budget of Finland

Candidates who have signed the goals

Savo-Karelian Region

  • Ella Partanen, The Greens, 153
  • Ilkka Malinen, The Left Alliance, 100
  • Petteri Tahvanainen, The Left Alliance, 106
  • Maura Häkki, The Left Alliance, 94
  • Emilia Kangaskolkka, The Finnish Social Democratic Party, 22
  • Eeva Närhi, The Greens, 152
  • Tommy Häyrynen, Suomen ruotsalainen kansanpuolue, 132
  • Oona Kanteleenmäki, Crystal Party, 48
  • Maija Kuivalainen, The Left Alliance, 96

More information:

Eetu Hyvönen, The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, Chair of the Executive Board, tel. +358 (0) 44 576 8400, puheenjohtaja(at)isyy.fi