Become an Executive Board Member

The Representative Council elects the Board’s Chairperson, Vice Chair and 4-8 members annually. All members of the Board are students at the University of Eastern Finland and they all have a specific area of responsibility in the Board. The Board is selected by the ISYY Representative Council. 

Members of the Student Union can apply to become Board members at any stage of their studies. As a Board member, you have a chance to influence the activities of the Student Union and determine how the Student Union can evolve. You also have a chance to influence the issues at the university, network and gain valuable experience in a position of trust. During the year, you will also network with other Student Unions.

Duties of the Executive Board

The Board is responsible for the daily activities of the Student Union together with the employees in Joensuu and Kuopio campus. Each member of the Executive Board has a specific sector they work with, e.g. Academic Affairs, Communications, International Affairs and Affairs of Social Policy. 

In addition to the activities of the sectors, the duties of the Executive Board members are e.g., student advocacy and interest advocacy, representing the Student Union, and being responsible for implementing the action plan. The Board members also cooperate tightly with each other and with other Student Unions.

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Being a Board Member

Being an Executive Board member may take a lot of time and Board members are paid a remuneration. This enables the Board members to actively engage in Board work because it is not necessary to apply for study grant or work during the Board year. When applying to become a Board member, it is good to note that it may be difficult for the Board members to study or work full time during the year.

The Board holds meetings weekly, excluding holidays, and actively participates in various working groups. Board is mainly active during weekdays and most activities, such as working groups and meetings, take place between 8 am and 5 pm.

The time in the Board lasts a calendar year, but the new members will already start to orientate themselves to their tasks at the end of the previous year. 

Board members have the possibility to earn 3 ECTS credits. 

Call for Applicants

No open application calls at the moment.

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